Day 7 of the 2019 KWM Whisky Calendar – Inchmoan 12 Year

by Evan

I have been looking forward to this one. If you have come to any of our recent Scotch Malt Whisky Society Outturn Tastings, or have previously read my blog post for Day One of this year’s KWM Whisky Calendar, you know that I have been enjoying the bottlings from Loch Lomond. Today, we get to try the heavily peated end of the spectrum from the distillery with Inchmoan 12 Year Old.

As mentioned on Day One, Loch Lomond Distillery distills a multitude of different styles of spirit thanks to operating a variety of stills. Another point worth mentioning that goes along with this: Loch Lomond also uses a total of three different types of yeast in fermenting the malt. The yeast used is selected based on the style they are looking to create. They of course use a Distiller’s Yeast, which does have different strains but is typically meant to be high yield when it comes to converting sugars to alcohol in the mash. The other two yeasts used are actually meant for wine fermentation though, including one typically used for Chardonnay grapes. The bottom line for all of this is that no matter how strange you think Loch Lomond might be, they have found even more ways to be confounding that we probably don’t even know about yet.

Enough of that for now. On Day One we tasted the lighter, fruitier side of Loch Lomond with the Inchmurrin 18 Year Old. Inchmoan as a style is typically distilled in a similar fashion to Inchmurrin by utilising the straight necked Lomond Pot Stills, but using a heavily peated malt. When it comes to official bottles of Inchmoan such as the one we will be tasting, Loch Lomond is likely using other peated styles that it creates as well to round out the style it is looking for. That means that this bottling could also two other peated styles from the distillery, including Croftengea and perhaps Craiglodge.

The name Inchmoan comes from and Island in the freshwater Loch Lomond. It is low-lying and contains marsh area, woods and grassland. It was once a source of peat fuel for the nearby village of Luss. It is currently privately owned but parts of the small island are used by campers and as a picnic area.

As with the Inchmurrin 18 Year Old, unfortunately the full-sized bottles of this are not yet available in Alberta. If you enjoy the mini and are interested in a full bottle, please contact us and will hound the agent to see what we can do about stocking it in the future.

Inchmoan 12 Year Old

This is a blend of three peated styles distilled in the swan-necked pot stills and straight necked Lomond stills at Loch Lomond Distillery. The whisky within is matured in a combination of ex-Bourbon casks and re-charred American Oak. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Evan’s Tasting Note

Nose: Toasty Oak and orange oils, wood smoke, fennel, fruit leather, Orange Pekoe tea, beer nuts, pipe tobacco, hickory sticks, After Eight mint chocolates, polished leather, and a dash of Amaretto.

Palate: Spicy, fruity and mouth coating. Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Grand Marnier, Caramilk Bar, Angostura bitters, Orange Pekoe tea again, honey glaze, light cherry notes and a touch of celery salt.

Finish: Some tannin on the finish, but the fruit and spice and touches of salt still mingle with sweetness and warmth.

Comment: Pretty tasty stuff. There is peat here, and it warms you up, but the smoke plays second fiddle to the rest of the flavours.

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