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  • PRODUCTS TAB at the top of any screen. 
This is a quick link area where you can browse for almost anything. Each of the top 5 product categories allow you to be more specific. Eample; If you choose wine, it will give you the option of wine type - Red, White etc. 
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Once you select what type of product you are looking for, ie; WINE, you will be offered a variety of choices such as Price range, country, region, grape type, vintage. 
You can select multiple things within each option, for example, you can chose to see all Red wines, from as many countries as you wish at a certain vintage. 
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  • Products list if they are IN Stock, if we have run out it will show OUT OF STOCK. You can still select the item and we will try to order it in for you. You will be contacted once we know if and  when we can get it for you. Some products exclusive to our store may only come to us once a year but we will let you know.
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Important Stuff
  • Payment is completed offline. When you submit an order, we process it and then email you a PDF receipt.
  • Legal regulations prevent us from shipping any liquor products outside Alberta. We have many loyal customers outside of the province who make their own pick-up arrangements, but we cannot do that for you.
  • We cannot guarantee same day pick-up or delivery, but we promise to do our best to accommodate your needs. When your order is submitted, we can discuss any special pick-up or delivery timelines on the phone with you.
  • Our website is updated every 15 minutes and as accurately as possible reflects our instore inventory. When we are out of stock on an item we can try to order it for you, or recommend a good substitute.
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