Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada April 2019 Outturn

by Evan

March was a busy month, just flying by. We had the Outturn of course, at the beginning. The following day after running the tastings here at KWM, I became a father for the third time. I managed to take two and a half weeks away from work to help at home with the newborn and his older brother and sister, but still managed to come into the shop to pour at a whisky festival during that time – thank goodness I have a forgiving wife! I officially made it back in time for another Whisky Festival at the end of the month. Like I said, busy times.

As I am sure I have said before – things never seem to slow down here at Kensington Wine Market (or at my home for that matter!). We have just put our Spring 2019 Tasting Schedule up, and there are a plethora of tastings and festivals to take a look at. But enough about all of that. We are all really here for the April Outturn, right?

Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect this month:

  • Speyside is back in full-force in this Outturn, with the region being the home of four of the seven bottles this month. Luckily regions are meaningless and they all show quite differently from each other.
  • This Outturn features one of those older, more prestigious and more expensive black label bottles with the gold SMWS logo. This one is a doozy, both in quality and in price. This is personally the oldest SMWS Single Malt I have tasted.
  • The rest of the bottles tasted were all much less expensive (and younger of course), with quite a few values to be found.
  • This includes one from a distillery we Canadians have never seen grace our shores in green bottle form until now. It is young and wood-dominant, but it is the kind of oak-laden single malt that manages to find a balance and is easy to enjoy.
  • Islay makes a comeback as well, giving us one of our two moderate to heavily peated drams, the other one hailing from Campbeltown.
  • We also have a spirit selection this month, and it is a very interesting and surprisingly approachable 66.2% ABV Rum from Belize.

Looking for information on past Outturn releases? We still have stock available of many bottles featured in past months. You can view our entire stock here. If something shows as out of stock, call or email us to check because it still might be available to order.

We also have stock of a mini/100mL SMWS bottle that was never bottled in full-sized 750 or 700mL form. It is SMWS 72.65 – WINTER COMFORTS. We originally featured this bottle in our KWM Whisky Advent Calendar, but the remaining stock is available to purchase for SMWS members.

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Here is a look at the April of 2019 SMWS Outturn:

This 10 year old Speysider comes in at 59.4% after maturing in a refill barrel.
Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity & mellow.
Outturn: 206 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The nose starts off wonderfully sweet – nutty nougat, coconut confectionery and caramel apple granny cake – a complete enticement. The palate is a ‘sit up and pay attention’ experience – Soor Plooms (a sharp-flavoured, round hard candy from southern Scotland), stewed apples and SweeTarts candies entertain and linger in the mouth. The reduced nose is like being in the municipal park – flower gardens and football pitches – the goal-posts are freshly painted and the teams are being served oranges at half time. The palate is now full and satisfying – and exceedingly tasty – Liquorice Allsorts and Peshwari naan (sweet, buttery, coconut) – a real treat for the taste buds.” $143.99

This 15 year old from Speyside was matured in a 2nd fill barrel and is 56.5%.
Flavour profile: Juicy, oak & vanilla.
Outturn: 203 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “At the start, the nose delivers orange fondant, orange coconut ice, apricot Danish and roasted peaches – gradually a floral note emerges – maybe a flower vase on a watchmaker’s workbench. The palate has a delightful soft, viscous texture and flavours of golden syrup, sweet coconut cream and pink wafers – so warming it’s almost salty – like angels’ tears. With water the nose finds chocolate tea cakes and sweetie tobacco (sugar coated chocolate flavoured coconut strips). The palate is pure expanding joy – filling the mouth with warm spice and sweetness – spiced plum crumble, cinnamon gum, hot cross – a nippy tease tantalises the finish.” $175

This 30 year old Speysider was matured in a 2nd fill bourbon barrel and comes in at 57.2%.
Flavour profile: Old & dignified.
Outturn: 180 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “A sweet-talking, charmer of a dram that exuded sticky jelly sweets rolled in hazelnuts and nutmeg. Sugar laden intonations extended into orange and lime marmalade with apricots in syrup and a substantial wedge of sticky toffee pudding. Layered delicately over the sweetness came floral notes of pot pouri and Turkish delight that harmonized with a weighty spice that travelled in the form of cardamom pods and spiced eggplant relish. Herbal hues characterized thick and viscous cough syrup that imparted onto the palate a glorious texture that combined most elegantly with a peppery tingle. Runny honey oozed over tinned fruit cocktail and parma violets before assuming a nutty stance that echoed earthy connotations. The finish concluded in a sweet and woody fashion, leaving behind reverberations of dried herbs.” $564.99

This 8 year old Speysider comes in at 61.1% after maturing in a 1st fill barrel.
Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity & mellow.
Outturn: 196 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “A real sense of autumn on the nose neat with plenty of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), acorns, rich damp earth, winter fruit chutney as well as rhubarb, cinnamon and custard tarts. Initially on the palate neat intense warm toasted oak spices, followed by orange-clove pomander balls, treacle sponge pudding and dark rich honey with a hint of smoky coffee. A subtle savoury note of smoked venison appeared when adding water next to caramelized coconut chips and homemade crunchy nutty granola. Silky smooth to taste, chilled berries (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) with a white hot chocolate sauce – elegance of perfection!” $144

This 10 year old rum from Belize is from a refill bourbon barrel and is 66.2%.
Outturn: 258 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The indulgent thick, sweet, fruity aroma of hot Morello cherries soaked in Kirsch over a gooey moist banana-marzipan loaf cake made us want to dive straight in and taste this rum. Mouth-coating! Mouth-filling!  A good balance between the sweet fruity liqueur-like flavours combined with the spiciness and bitterness of a black tea with cloves, ginger and cardamom. With a drop of water an even sweeter, but not cloying, scent of sugar dipped marshmallows and honey-fried figs appeared. A prune juice cake with almonds and chocolate chips on the palate and a slightly dry herbal finish rounded it off perfectly.” $174

This 16 year old from Campbeltown was matured in a refill hogshead and comes in at 55.8%.
Flavour profile: Lightly peated.
Outturn: 267 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “Clean and fresh aromas of sea air on a summer’s day with seaweed and tarry ropes. A robust herbal honey, hot smoked salmon and sweet soy sauce. Quite approachable at full strength – charred wood in honey, sweet porridge, vanilla and barbecued sausages. Water reveals pineapple cube sweets, gingerbread and an exotic fruit salad with background notes of oily rags, biscuit and comforting coastal aromas. The palate is well balanced – sweet, gently smoky, black pepper then menthol, minerals and tangy charred wood with a pleasing finish.” $209.99

This 9 year old from Islay was matured in a refill hogshead and is 59.3%.
Flavour profile: Peated.
Outturn: 242 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “Like cleaning out the chimney in a beehive the nose combined the syrupy nectar of runny honey with dusty clouds of black soot from the sweet smoke of burning applewood. The draw up the chimney enticed a maritime draught into the room, filling the air with a salty breeze, seaweed and the distinctly nautical nose of fishing trawlers laden with crates of crustaceans. The palate exhibited further sugary temptation as toffee apples combined with fruit sherbet sweets and smoky bacon drizzled with maple syrup. Lip-smacking and devilishly delicious, the layers of flavour continued to unravel, revealling scallops with sweet vinaigrette, smoked fish soup and the clean mineralic edge of Chablis or dry German Riesling.” $133

As always we would like to give a big thank-you to our awesome neighbour’s Peasant Cheese for supplying the small bites for the tastings.



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