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It’s that time of year, where you’re trying to snag up as many hours outside before we get some random surprise snowfall at the beginning of September again (remember 2014?), so we thought it would be a great idea to host a tasting just for that.

Patio Crushers welcomed an array of wines, yet there were no bottles of rose. Now, I love Rose, but everyone knows it’s a crusher on a patio (aka, the bottle is 100% being consumed, probably within the hour), and so I decided to shake things up:

Andreola Mas de Fer Prosecco Extra Dry – Veneto, Italy

Prosecco seemed to be the most suiting way to start this tasting and getting everyone excited for what was to lay ahead. In Valdobbiadene which is the heart of Prosecco product, lies The Andreola Estate. It was established in 1984 by Nazareno Pola. His son Stefano Pola, now the winemaker, believes in following the evolution of Prosecco and abiding his father’s philosophy so they can produce the best product they can. This particular wine is 100% Glera grapes and is extremely refreshing. With notes of citrus, pear/apple and gooseberry, this wine is extremely easy to drink and is a must for the patio season. KWM Exclusive. $29.99

Domaine des Aubuisiere “Le Petit Clos” –  Loire Valley, France

Chenin Blanc is a chuggable favourite amongst the staff, so it obviously had to be included. Loire Valley is home to some of the best Chenin Blanc, where it beautifully capturing the essence of terroir and tradition. Winemaker, Bernard Fouquet, elegantly shows his passion in his wines, with them being some of the best of the grape available in Calgary. The Le Petit Clos has very little residual sugar, meaning it is higher in acidity and definitely bone dry. With notes of tart apple, pear, honey and blossom, this wine is perfect for an afternoon in the sun. KWM Exclusive $29.99

Carlisle Compagni Portis – Sonoma Valley, USA

I could talk all day about the production of Carlisle and this white blend. Made from vines planted in 1954, this field blend of Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Trousseau Gris, and Roter Veltliner is a must, especially in Summer. Displaying notes of lychee, ginger, allspice and preserved lemon, it’s a wine is perfect when chilled. If you aren’t already lounging out on your balcony then this wine will help transport you there – if not in body then at least in mind. KWM Exclusive. $48.99

Hain Riesling Kabinett Goldtropfchen – Mosel, Germany

Riesling is probably my favourite grape juice to drink during the summer months (or any other month of the year) when it is fermented. The wine it helps create is typically crisp and refreshing, sometimes with a touch of sweetness. Coming from the Mosel region in Germany (aka, the motherland of Rieslings), as it beautifully captures the truest personality of the grape. Green apple, blossom, citrus and honeysuckle, with a touch of sweetness, this wine is also low in alcohol (8.5%) so don’t feel bad if you accidentally drink the whole bottle. KWM Exclusive. $23.99

As there are no rules to this tasting (besides the ones that we made up to challenge ourselves in selecting the wine), I thought it would be great to included some reds.

These wines we did chill before serving, and I would highly recommend doing the same.

Pascal Clement Savigny-les-Beaune – Burgundy, France

Pinot noir is a perfect wine when you’re searching for a red, but need something to cool you down on a hot summer’s afternoon. This particular Pinot Noir is sourced from a couple of vineyards owned by Pascal Clement and his family, carefully selecting only the best grapes for his production. Pascal has been working with the vineyards of Burgundy for 20 years, and produces some breathtaking wines. Savigny-les-Beaune provides notes of red berries, earth and a touch of spice. KWM Exclusive.  $58.99

Scriani Valpolicella – Veneto, Italy

The Scriani take pride in producing wines in the Valpolicella Classico Region, and beautifully capturing the elegance of the area. This wine is a blend of Corivina, Corivinon, Rondinell, Molinara and Oseleta. All of the grapes are fermented in stainless steel in order to keep the fresh characteristics of the wine. Extremely fragrant with notes of summer berries and bramble, this red is a must-try. KWM Exclusive. $22.99

Hesketh Small Parcels Negroamaro – Barossa Valley, Australia

The favourite of the evening. The philosophy behind Hesketh is that they want to make wines that are “drinkable”. Oh, how they have exceeded that! With 75% of the people attending choosing this wine as one of their two favourites, it shows how perfect this wine is for this time of year. Displaying notes of black currant, black cherry, other black fruits and a touch of earth, this wine beautiful captures the nature of Negroamaro. $28.99

As always, the lovely people at Peasant Cheese made us a beautiful spread of treats. With cheeses like Le Dauphin, Le 1608, Piave, Blackburn Cheddar and a beautifully aged gouda, we were able to taste and test cheese and wine pairing. Each wine had it favourite but le 1608 and Piave seemed to suit most, meaning they are perfect to pair with any wine you choose from this list. Thanks for the cheese, Peasant!

Thanks to everyone that attended the tasting!

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