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Best of Bourbon

by Evan We are cursed to live in interesting times. The Canada/US border has not physically moved in my lifetime, but I cannot recall another era when we as a nation seemed further apart from our neighbours to the south. … Continue reading

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The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

by Evan Back in October of 2017, Andrew and I visited Kentucky and a number of distilleries around the state. In late March of 2018, I ran a Bourbon tasting and showcased whiskey from the distilleries we visited on the … Continue reading

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American (Craft) Whiskey with Evan

With the Whisky and Whiskey boom that we have been seeing for the past decade or so – the landscape of what is available from all parts of the world has been ever-changing and almost continually expanding. New distilleries are … Continue reading

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Boutique Bourbon – August 18, 2016

On Thursday, August 18th we hosted a Boutique Bourbon session at Kensington Wine Market. Just for fun I decided to run the tasting blind. We tasted through the lineup once before taking a vote on everybody’s two favorites. After that … Continue reading

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