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Wyoming KWM Single Barrel Bourbon #2
USA > Other > Scotch and Other Whiskies > American Whiskey and (Bourbon) > Wyoming
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Our 2nd exclusive barrel of Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon is here, and another cracker! Bottled at 53.3% from a single barrel, #3483, that gave us but 192 bottles. Pop into the store for a taste! Wyoming is a wheated Bourbon, and always rich but delicate in character.

Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose:  creamy, decadent and doughy; like walking into a warm, French bakery, early on a cold morning; the air is filled with the aromas of fresh bread, buttery croissants, pain au chocolate, pastries and glazed fruit flan; some lovely dark sugars, bright orange and dark fruits.

Palate: doughy, creamy and fruity; still soft, more fruits than the nose lets on: orange, melons and spicy mango salsa; the dried dark fruits appear at the back of the palate; some perfumed-floral tones with crisp decadent spice: candied ginger and cinnamon sticks dry out into cloves and black pepper. 

Finish: coating, warm and spicy; stays decadent with fading creamy oak, gentle fruits and sugars. 

Comment: most of the time I feel Bourbon is best suited in an Old Fashioned; but who needs bitters, sugar and orange peels when you have all of that and more right in the bottle; this is another stellar barrel of Kirby Wyoming's finest! 

Evan's Tasting Note

Nose: Buttermilk Pancakes drizzled with syrup. Raspberry jam, blueberries, blackberries, freshly peeled peaches, light toffee and caramel notes, light mint, oak shavings and vanilla.

Palate: Rich and spicy. Peaches and cream, marmalade, blackberry jam, baked apples, cinnamon buns, kettle corn, roasted almonds and black licorice candies.

Finish: Smooth and warm. Wonderfully palate coating with spice notes to keep it from being cloying.

Comment: This is the second Wyoming Bourbon single cask we have selected for KWM and we couldn't be happier. It is a different beast compared to our first cask: more subtle and integrated and not as brash and in your face. It is incredibly well-rounded in style.

750 ml

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