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Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt
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One of the most interesting Auchentoshans we've seen yet. The Bartender's Malt was the construct of a dozen of the world's best bartenders. Their goal? Build a malt whisky big enough to stand up to the demands of cocktails that require Scotch whisky as one of their ingredients. Whether or not you believe it borders on blasphemy to bury a fine single malt whisky in juices and syrups and fruit is a debate for another day, but it should be made clear what these 12 innovators were up against. Auchentoshan is a Lowland malt, triple distilled, with a reputation for being something of a lightweight. By nature, something like that is bound to get out-muscled in a mixed drink, right? Well...not necessarily. They've upped the abv, included some spicier, more lively casks (of all sorts!), and vatted whiskies from the last five decades in order to create something that was punchy enough to cut through. And you know what? They've succeeded. 

47% abv

Producer's Tasting Note

Nose: dried apricots, milk, chocolate, honey and green tobacco leaf

Palate: zest, cherry blossom, brioche and ginger

Finish: edgy and expanding with a long lasting warmth


750 ml