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Lot 40 Rye Whisky
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Lot 40 is one of our favourite Canadian Rye whiskies, and one of our best sellers at Kensington Wine Market. Lot 40 was the brainchild of Mike Booth at Hiram Walker. Mike wanted to pay homage to his family's distilling heritage, and so named this 100% rye grain Canadian whisky for the plot of land where his family set up their distillery. The mashbill consists of both malted and unmalted rye. It is a recreation of a legendary Canadian Whisky Guild whisky.

Tasting Note by Davin de Kergommeaux ( ):

Nose: Big, hard Christmas candy, fruity, sour rye bread, hints of pickled artichoke hearts, and a barn full of dry hay lead off. Then acetone and sweet esters bring a sweet singing fruitiness which soon wallows into muddy earthy tones. Baked rye surges forward again with loads of bitter rye bread and some very farmy aromas – the kind that make you take a deep breath and contemplate moving to the country. Finally, the bouquet of candy and spice returns. The longer you wait, the more that happens, and it all revolves around rye fragrances, and rye bread.

Palate: Rye: Hard rye, hot spices, pepper, sweet and sour, delicately bitter rye, and hot cinnamon hearts. Then a cocktail of fresh green fruit and dark ripe fruit. The peppery warmth sets your lips and tongue aglow. A chalky sweetness is pushed aside by tart grapefruit pith, hints of oakiness, bitter cumquats and sweet mandarins.

Finish: Ultra-long with pepper, sweet hard candy, hot spices, hints of cloves, a certain muddiness, then hard clean slate. As other flavours slowly fade, hot spices and glimmers of sweetness linger seemingly forever. Finally all is washed away on a tsunami of sour rye bread.

From the producer: "Lot No. 40 is expertly distilled in small batches using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. By distilling in a single copper pot still, the result is a whisky that starts off earthy and woody tasting and then becomes full bodied and complex with a velvety vanilla oak finish."

750 ml

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