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Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon
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The Solist Bourbon is from a single Ex-Bourbon cask bottled at cask strength, typically between 55-59% for this expression. In the handful of years since the whisky was first introduced globally, Kavalan's single malt has taken the world by storm winning international praise.

Taiwan's single malt matures at about 5-10 times the rate of most Scotch whiskies due to the country's hot climate. The whisky has a maturity well beyond its age owing to the environment. Even if they wanted to, the distillery couldn't leave the whisky to mature to advanced age as the evaporation is close to 10% per year. Each cask will vary a little from the last, but the quality is always exceptional.

Andrew's Tasting Note - 54%

Nose: very fresh, honeyed and floral, French crepes with powdered sugar and lemon juice; hell we are going with a full breakfast theme here, cantaloupe and honeydew melon, canned pineapple, marmalade and mango chutney.

Palate: very creamy and honeyed with some warming but not sharp spirit; the malt emerges late in the first sip while the floral tones and fruits hit quickly in the second; more melon, pineapple and orange rind (not quite as sweet as marmalade) and hot candied ginger and cinnamon sticks; it becomes doughy with more fruits and creamy oak.

Finish: long, coating and creamy with fading floral malt and tingling spices.

Comment: if this is your first taste of Taiwanese single malt and you're not yet converted... I'll shed a tear for you!

Whisky Advocate Tasting Note: "This is the pick of the bunch, the whisky equivalent of Fountains of Wayne; an effervescent dessert whisky, which from the first aroma to the final finish is a consistent mix of vanilla, coconut, and overripe banana, sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon." 94pts - Reviewed 2012.