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Gabriel Two-Glass Gift Box StandArt

Gabriel Two-Glass Gift Box StandArt


The two-glass gift box contains two Grabriel Glas StandArt Wine Glasses.

each ml
Region:Austria > Other
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Gabriel Glassware was created in 2010 by Swiss/German wine critic and author René Gabriel. They are durable, dishwasher-safe lead-free crystal and quite likely the only wine glasses you will ever need. I was gifted a set of these about a year ago and while I was impressed with the shape and durability, I was skeptical of the term “universal”. Over the years I’ve sat through dozens of glassware demonstrations and have tried almost every glass designed to complement specific styles of wine. While they generally perform as advertised, they tend to be expensive, and I’ve never owned a house big enough to store about 20 dozen wine glasses. As such I’ve typically used a universal glass from a reputable producer as my go-to, that is until I was gifted a set of Gabriel’s universal glasses about a year ago.

The first wine I tasted in this glass was Champagne. Flutes look nice but they do nothing for the wine aromatically, but the Gabriel glass brought out all the aromatics while retaining the lively mousse. Reds and whites of all descriptions delivered similar results, and on top of that I run them through my dishwasher wedged in-between the other dishes. A year later I still have all four, a truly “universal” glass if ever there was one.

Geoff Last

- Kensington Wine Market Wine Guy