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Boutique-y Speyside #4 24 Year KWM Cask

Boutique-y Speyside #4 24 Year KWM Cask


Our second KWM cask from That Boutique-y Whisky Company has arrived! This undisclosed Speyside Single Malt was possibly saved from being blended into Chivas Royal Salute. It is 24 years old. 220 bottles were filled at a strength of 47.8% ABV.

Will you Glen-Love-it? We do, and we bet you will too!

Our first Boutique-y KWM bottle was from an undisclosed Highland Distillery that we know for certain is Clynelish, but which Speyside distillery could this 24 Year Old Single Cask be from?

With this Speysider, we don't know with 100% certainty, but That Boutique-y Whisky Company has done what they do best -beyond bottling great whisky that is - and offered up a few hints. Here is the first one:

"There are 46 Speyside distilleries so are you feeling lucky? Punk? Oops wrong movie reference

Seriously though, we really can’t tell you where this comes from, or indeed give you too many clues…

But don’t let that stop you from discovering this spectacular Speysider - we bet you’ll glen-love-it!"

Just in case that sounds like a red herring, here is the second hint:

"Our label is a riff on ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ where a spacecraft is sent to Jupiter to find its origins - a spacecraft manned by two men and the supercomputer H.A.L. 9000.

Our spacecraft is this very modern (with the joint largest capacity) secret Speyside distillery, that can be run by just two men, and a computer."

Based on that, it has to be Glenlivet or Glenfiddich, right? And Glenfiddich single malt is never independently bottled as far as we can tell - only casks of Blended Malt that have been teaspooned with Balvenie or Kininvie are sold or traded off... Hmm...

500ml ml
Region:Scotland > Speyside
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Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: creamy, waxy, and honeyed with floral top notes; French butter, creamed honey, marshmallow, and lemon oil; the fruits are predominantly in the citrus and stone fruit realm, but they are on the verge of going tropical; white chocolate, clotted cream, and chantilly cream.

Palate: so buttery, fruity, and soft; this is right up in my wheelhouse, old, oxidized, and only gently kissed by the oak; more white chocolate, marshmallow, and chantilly cream; baked apple, poached pears, honeydew melon, and dried apricot, with a little hint of kiwi peeking out; honey butter along with more of the French sort, from cows grazing in high alpine meadows; fresh virgin olive oil (Catalan), soaked up with white bread dipped in kosher salt.

Finish: long, warming, fruity, and floral with tingling decadent spice.

Comment: at the time we selected the cask I remember thinking it was a decent buy; good, mature whisky, at a very fair price; it is way better than I remembered, and frankly a steal; light, fresh, fruity, and oily, with just enough sweetness and spice; crushable & complex. 

Evan's Tasting Note:

Nose: Apples, pears, and peaches - all sliced and mixed together with a dollop of whipped cream on top, along with vanilla-driven oak, well-weathered two-by-fours, waxy wine gums, angel food cake and a hint of dunnage.

Palate: More apples and pears, pineapple juice, sunflower seeds, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme candy bar, tapioca pudding, and a touch of creamy mushroom soup with saltine crackers crushed and mixed in.

Finish: Creamy, sweet and smooth with lingering notes of apple and pear slices and drying wood spice.

Comment: In a world full of younger whiskies screaming attention by clothing themselves in sherry cask influence and/or heavy smoke and peat, this is a breath of fresh air. It is just a comfortably naked and very well-put-together Speyside whisky with a good amount of maturity and a reasonable price despite it.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC) is part of the Atom Group, which also owns the UK retailer Master of Malt and a number of other subsidiaries. They are a dynamic and innovative firm, who by example invented the Whisky Advent Calendar concept. Established in 2012, TBWC is famous for its playful and colourful labels, which often feature prominent whisky industry figures, tell a story, and or elude to an inside joke. The labels are typically laced with hidden elements and "Easter Eggs."

TBWC bottles whiskies from around the world, though the bulk of their offerings are of Scottish origin. Most of their offerings are small-batch releases, Blended Malts, and Blends. Their "Head of Whisky" is Canadian Sam Simmons.

We are big fans of not only their whimsical labels but also the consistently high standard of liquid they bottle.

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