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Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire & Sherr

Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire & Sherr


Full product name: "Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire & Sherry Casks." is a 10 year old mystery Islay single malt bottled at 40%. From Atom Brands, the chaps who brought you That Boutique-y Whisky Co.

Producer Description

"Peat and sherry is a great combo, though sometimes it can be a bit of a battle between two proud titans of flavour. Thankfully, this one shows off a welcome harmony that brings out the best of both. It's a marvellous variation of Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire, featuring the same smoky 10 year old Islay single malt, though instead of just 25% of it being finished in sherry casks, the entirety of the whisky was finished in them. The powerfully peaty notes at its core are mellowed by just enough sherry sweetness, making for a superbly well-balanced flavour profile."

700ml ml
Region:Scotland > Islay
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Producer Tasting Note

Nose: Oatcakes, vegetal peat, hot Ribena, assorted BBQ meats, molasses, clove-studded orange, and just a hint of
chocolate mousse. 

Palate: Cinder toffee, cinnamon, peat still shining through, a slow build of red grape and jammy raisin, with some citrus lift. A subtle touch of singed hay later on.

Finish: Meaty malt returns, with warm oak in support. The red grape tannins continue and last on the finish.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC) is part of the Atom Group, which also owns the UK retailer Master of Malt and a number of other subsidiaries. They are a dynamic and innovative firm, who by example invented the Whisky Advent Calendar concept. Established in 2012, TBWC is famous for its playful and colourful labels, which often feature prominent whisky industry figures, tell a story, and or elude to an inside joke. The labels are typically laced with hidden elements and "Easter Eggs."

TBWC bottles whiskies from around the world, though the bulk of their offerings are of Scottish origin. Most of their offerings are small-batch releases, Blended Malts, and Blends. Their "Head of Whisky" is Canadian Sam Simmons.

We are big fans of not only their whimsical labels but also the consistently high standard of liquid they bottle.

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