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Amrut 2013 9 Year KWM Port Pipe 4660

Amrut 2013 9 Year KWM Port Pipe 4660


Our 3rd KWM exclusive cask of Amrut was selected last fall when our friend Ashok paid us a visit to the store. Distilled in August of 2013, the whisky matured 9 years in an ex-Port Pipe No. 4660, before bottling in December of 2022, after 9 years at 60%.

When Ashok was going through the samples with us, he was astounded to learn that his Amrut would be our 145th KWM exclusive cask bottling... so he put that little tidbit on the label. Shipments from India don't happen overnight however, and in the 10 months since the cask was bottled, we've launched more than 10 other exclusive bottlings... But 10 months is an improvement, the last cask took nearly a year and a half to reach us. 

It is worth noting, that at 9 years of age, this is a very mature bottling of Amrut. It is also almost certainly the first KWM-exclusive cask bottling from an ex-Port cask. 

One final curiosity is the bottling strength of 60%. This is not cask strength, Amrut waters its bottlings down to 60%, if they are above, to save an enormous amount of Indian excise taxes...


700ml ml
Region:India > World
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Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: deep, jammy, and rich, with loads of chocolate and dunnage notes; soft leather and juicy tobacco; chocolate truffles, dark milk chocolate, acai berries dipped in chocolate, and chocolate fudge brownies; Fruit Source bars, stewed prunes, figs in honey, and blueberry compote; musty old oak and dunnage warehouse notes.

Palate: rich, jammy, and chocolatey... so chocolatey... more acai berries dipped in chocolate, goats milk dark chocolate, fudge brownies, and cocoa nibs; soft new leather, sweet cigar tobacco, and more musty old oak; loads of dried and dark fruits: raisins, dates, and prunes; building warm spices poke out from underneath all that chocolate along with oranges and melons; and with patience it even starts going tropical!

Finish: long, warming, and spicy, with oh so much chocolate... as well as a little leather and tobacco.

Comment: add this to the list of things I said would never happen... we'll never bottle a port cask matured whisky... well Ashok pulled another rabbit out of the hat for us... so much chocolate... a modicum of spices, dark fruits, leather and tobacco... and a little bit of tropical fruits to boot!

Evan’s Tasting Note

Nose: Chocolate, dates, nuts and smoke; like you just set fire to an Eatmore Bar. Plus molasses, black forest cake with boozy cherries, and a Blueberry Tea cocktail made with Amaretto and Grand Marnier.

Palate: So big and bold, but oh so enticing at the same time. More molasses, burnt orange peel, raisins, dates, blueberries and blackberries – even cassis liqueur, plus roasted walnuts, dark chocolate and tiramisu.

Finish: Fruity, smoky, and a bit astringent, along with a slight bitterness of cough syrup that actually works.

Comment: When it comes to whisky, I love myself a rollercoaster ride. That is exactly what this Amrut is. It is full of chaos and excitement, and it might leave you feeling dizzy at the end.

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