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Whisky Sponge Glen Garioch 1988 Ed No.68

Whisky Sponge Glen Garioch 1988 Ed No.68

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Rocking a 90.5 on Whiskybase, this 33 year old Glen Garioch was matured in a Refill Hogshead cask, and was bottled at 44.6%. Only 145 bottle world-wide, barely more than a handful in Canada.

Producer Description

"What are the connections between 1988 Glen Garioch and the Mona Lisa you may very well ask? If I purchase one of these Glen Gariochs does it enable me to skip the queue in the Louvre? Will I, at any stage in the proceedings, have to have lunch with Dan Brown? Am I descended from Jesus? 

"The answers to all these questions - and more - can be learned by purchasing and consuming a bottle of this delicious and decided 'old style highlands' Glen Garioch 1988. The answers to all you seek* lie within... 

"*does not contain literally all answers. Subjects not covered include but are not limited to: hoovers, slinkys, radishes, Postman Pat, Boltzmann Brains, tarragon and the fascinating archaeological discoveries of Gobekli Tepe - your statutory rights are a social construct and do not exist*"

700ml ml
Region:Scotland > Highland

Producer Tasting Note

Nose: waxes, cereals, olive oil, light medicinal qualities and deeper notes of crystalised citrus fruits and mineral oils.    

Palate: exotic hardwood resins, putty, lychee and herbaceous notes of medicinal herbs and herbal teas. Roots, ointments and waxed hessian.   

Finish: long, honeyed, sweetness balanced by remnant cereal and malt extract notes along with green fruits in the aftertaste.   

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