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Kyro Single Rye Malt Whisky

Kyro Single Rye Malt Whisky


This Rye Whisky from Finland is made from 100% malted rye. It is bottled at 47.2%.

People from Finland seem to know how to live the good life. We should all have a sauna in our backyard to dive into when it is fridged and snowing in the middle of winter. We should also have some good Rye Whisky to take in with us - and that is where Kyro Rye comes in. Kyro Distillery resides in  Isokyrö, Finland. The distillery was founded by a group of friends that were pondering the meaning of life and bemoaning the lack of Finnish Rye Whisky one day in - you guessed it - a sauna. They decided to do something about it, and Kyro was born.

750ml ml

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Region:Finland > World
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From The Producer


  • Aromatic

  • Vanilla

  • Caramel

  • Dried fruits

  • Earthy rye


  • Sweet rye bread

  • Honey

  • Wild berries

  • Smooth peppery finish with caramel and mocha

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