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That Boutique-Y Gin Advent Calendar '22

That Boutique-Y Gin Advent Calendar '22

$114.99 $86.24

Back by popular demand the Gin Advent Calendar from That Boutique-y Gin Co. Inside you'll discover 24 wax-sealed 30ml gins. I don't know how they do it, but somehow this gets cheaper every year. It is a Magnum Opus of gins, from the traditional to the very weird, and everything in between!

The full list of products is in the tasting note, but as there are so few surprises in this life, we suggest you try to resist the temptation to peek! 

720ml ml
Region:England > World
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!!Spoiler Alert!!! - The Full List of Gins Is Below








Be Surprised

Full Product List

  1. Rhubarb Gin
  2. Proper Pink Gin
  3. Pink Grapefruit Brulee Gin
  4. Cherry Bakewell Gin
  5. Louche Lemon Decadence Gin
  6. Pan Pacific Gin Farallon Gin
  7. Monastic Gin Blackwater
  8. Golden Moon
  9. Blood Orange Gin
  10. Red Hot Passion Fruit Gin
  11. Bathtub Gin
  12. Estate Foraged Gin Shortcross
  13. Squeezed Yuzu Gin
  14. Bush Tucker Gin
  15. Black Cardamom Gin
  16. Dirty Martini Gin
  17. CitroLondon Dry Gin
  18. Double-Barrelled Gin Cotswolds
  19. Aisle A Gin 
  20. Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Gin
  21. Spiced Clementine Gin 
  22. Christmas Tree Gin
  23. Mince Pie Gin 
  24. Christmas Pudding Gin

That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC) is part of the Atom Group, which also owns the UK retailer Master of Malt and a number of other subsidiaries. They are a dynamic and innovative firm, who by example invented the Whisky Advent Calendar concept. Established in 2012, TBWC is famous for its playful and colourful labels, which often feature prominent whisky industry figures, tell a story, and or elude to an inside joke. The labels are typically laced with hidden elements and "Easter Eggs."

TBWC bottles whiskies from around the world, though the bulk of their offerings are of Scottish origin. Most of their offerings are small-batch releases, Blended Malts, and Blends. Their "Head of Whisky" is Canadian Sam Simmons.

We are big fans of not only their whimsical labels but also the consistently high standard of liquid they bottle.

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