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First Edition Mortlach 2009 KWM Cask

First Edition Mortlach 2009 KWM Cask

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Full disclosure, we are not generally thrilled with wine cask whiskies, but after sampling this Mortlach, we knew we had to have it... Distilled in 2009, this 11 year old whisky was finished in a California cabernet wine cask before bottling at 52.1%.

700ml ml
Region:Scotland > Speyside

Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: teriyaki beef jerky and bbq pork ribs with a side of brisket... this is so beefy; firm leather and earthy tobacco; as that element pulls back Jujubes, Strawberry Twizzlers, cooked raisins, and red berry fruits emerge; chocolate and a faint touch of gunpowder... but this is a Mortlach afterall!

Palate: not what I was expecting, there is still a twinge of meatiness but the fruits are firmly in charge; strawberries dipped in chocolate, pureed raspberries, and dark fruits too: more cooked raisins, grilled dates, and Fig Newtons (before they ruined them by removing the trans fats); dark chocolate-coated marshmallows, Russian caramel, soft leather, and cigar tobacco; the Strawberry Twizzlers are still there, as are the Jujubes; subtle spices, a trace of gunpowder and more beef brisket.

Finish: medium in length, it is warming, coating, and smooth with fading dark fruits, caramel, chocolate, and a pleasant meatiness.

Comment: the nose suggest wine cask, but the palate could easily be mistaken for that of a sherry cask matured whisky; this is rich, complex, and elegant; this whisky will please both Mortlach fans and anyone who likes sherry forward malts; and if you are one of those Anoraks who think wine cask whiskies are always rubbish, this will change your mind! 

Producer Tasting Note

"An intense herbal, mineral nose with smoked ham and dried apricot notes. Red fruits appear on the palate along with white pepper, caramel, loquorice, and a suggestion of clove. The finish is medium length, peppery with a drying touch of oak."

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