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Peat's Beast Batch Strength PX Finish

Peat's Beast Batch Strength PX Finish


A mystery Single Malt, bottled at 54.1% after finishing for 9 months in PX Sherry Casks. 

700ml ml
Region:Scotland > Other
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Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: dark, rich and peaty; a touch of malt, smoked oysters and Detol; Fruit Source bars, grilled figs wrapped in prosciutto, coal dust and seaweed wafers.

Palate: staying in the food vein, there's a lot here; more grilled figs wrapped in prosciutto, seaweed wafers and Fruit Source bars; more chocolaty than I was expecting, with juicy malt and barrel aged stouts; the smoked oysters, Detol and coal dust are all still there, as is the earthy peat, all properly tamed by the sweet sherry notes.

Finish: long, coating and sherried with ashy peat, Detol and sweet dark fruits.

Comment: let it breathe; that's probably always good advice, but it took about 20 minutes in the glass before the true colour started to show, especially on the nose; the closest thing we've had to this in recent months is our Elements of Islay Peat & Sherry.

Producer Tasting Note

Nose: Damp smoke, peat, TCP, seaweed then morphing into sweet syrupy burnt sugar notes from the Sherry cask.

Taste: So we have the familiar hints of peppery peat smoke, damp burnt bracken and the salty notes of seaweed. But Peat's Beast Sherry gives you more. There are subtle sweet notes of dates and figs with the sweet hues of Spanish Sherry; an absolute juxtaposition between dry peat smoke and rum and raisin ice cream, a quite sublime dram. On the palate a real peat bite but wrapped in a gorgeous warm coat of dates, figs, hints of clove and vanilla. The peat fire stays at the back of the throat but there are strong notes of chocolate, sweet rum and raisin ice cream, burnt caramel. Incredibly long finish.

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