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Durigutti Aguijon de Abeja Malbec

Durigutti Aguijon de Abeja Malbec


Hector and Pablo Durigutti were born in Mendoza, the cradle of Argentinian wine and were raised together. Their childhood and their home were always connected to a sensorial world, with aromas, ingredients and flavours that, over time, motivated them to choose the path to become enologists. As adults, they would find these familiar memories and similar passions. In 2002 they dedicated their efforts to the creation of a small family winey. Today the brothers have evolved to form a new generation of winemakers, leading an evolutionary change in Argentina’s viticulture. Their range includes the value-driven Abeja wines and the upper-tier Las Compuertas offerings produced from the oldest vineyard sites.

Exclusive to KWM, this Patagonian Malbec originates in the San Patricio del Chañar Valley, Neuquén. It expresses spice notes and ripe fruit and blackberry, with tannins that harmonize precisely with the acidity. This is a great value Malbec produced by minimal intervention winemaking. Perfect for your next BBQ, with grilled vegetables, lamb, or hamburger.

750ml ml
Region:Argentina > Patagonia
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Winery Tasting Note (2019 Vintage)

A vivid, fruity red with blackberry and black cherry character. Medium body, bright acidity and a clean finish. 

Brothers Hector and Pablo Durigutti started their family winery in 2002. They incorporate knowledge and technology in their search for wines that express their natural origin. The winery is located in the heart of Lujan de Cuyo, in the district of Las Compuertas where the first Malbecs were made in Mendoza Argentina.  Hector and Pablo's knowledge of their vineyards’ soils, the various wine production methods, the long growing seasons and their varied wine storage methods allow the wines to reflect a balance between tradition and innovation which results in very high-quality wines.

Durigutti's Las Compuertas line is from the Lujan de Cuyo sub-region in Mendoza which is rich with history and enormously valued.  Their passion for wine and love for the land motivate them to protect the traditional culture from being lost.  The Western region of Lujan de Cuyo offers the coolest climate, an important diversity of soils and traditional viticultural methods that have continued to be used over the century. 

In 2007 the brothers purchased their first 5 hectares of old vine Malbec vineyards.  The original vineyard dates back to 1914.  Over time they have built up to 25 hectares in total.  With this dedication, they aspire to develop, along with other local producers who maintain their vineyards with pride, the stewardship to offset the encroaching urbanization.

Under the Aguijon de Abeja label, they have produced another range of knock-out wines that offer incredible value. Sourced from regions around Argentina outside of their home base in Mendoza, the selections highlight the country's diverse terroirs. Each wine highlight's the specific terroir's influence on the varietal with a balanced contribution from the wood. The wines are all produced without chemical or physical treatment, are un-filtered and naturally stabilized. Natural yeasts are employed with the wines spending 8 months in oak barrels.

All Durigutti wine brands have been approved by Liaf Control S.R.L. as vegan and this certification can be found on each bottle.

Kensington Wine Market is privileged to be one of the exclusive retailers of Durigutti wine since 2008.

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