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Nestarec Muzika Nach - 1L

Nestarec Muzika Nach - 1L


A blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankish, and St.Laurent, all grown in a cooler climate, and aged in 3000L neutral oak barrels. The end result is a bright, refreshing, high acid red that is very very drinkable.

Nach, named after the Czech word for Purple, is Milan's attempt to show that the winemaking region where he’s located can produce high quality reds. In the past locals in Morovia have said that the area doesn’t receive enough sun to produce anything of quality (Referencing medium to full bodied reds from warmer regions). Milan has flipped this idea on its head by focusing on what the region does well instead of focusing on what it can’t do, this wine is the end result.  The idea behind the bottle was an ode to Milan’s childhood where he remembers buying juice in the same containers under a crown cap.

1000ml or ml Low Stock
Region:Czech Republic
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Eli's Tasting Note (2020 Vintage)

Nose: an energetic bouquet of cherry blossom, rhubarb, slate, and fresh strawberries hit first. As you delve into the glass more, Nightshade, Blanched beets, and Cranberries reveal themselves as well. Reminds me of making a summer salad on a lazy afternoon.  

Palate: medium acidity and light tannins keep the Strawberry and rhubarb notes at the forefront of the palate. Slate, cranberries, and raspberries develop on the palate as you sip. On the finish an earthy beet note keeps the finish going on and on. Like picking fruits and veggies on a cool August morning small farm in rural BC.

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