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Guzman Riestra Semi-Seca

Guzman Riestra Semi-Seca

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Guzmán Riestra Half Dry Sparkling Cider is made from a base cider obtained through a careful selection of the best apples in their orchards. It's produced using the traditional method with a second fermentation in bottle. After a careful selection of the ideal ciders in their mill, the fermentation occurs in the bottle with the addition of cider yeasts. The bottles are settled in prime position for a minimum of 8 months, and the fermentation produces a minimum pressure of 6 atmospheres before disgorging. Once passed the necessary time they proceed to the removal of the layers to move the sediments towards the neck of the bottle followed by the traditional disgorging.

750ml ml
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Very balanced between the natural acids, showing both sour and sweet flavours.  Reminiscent of table apple pie. Perfect as an appetitive or with fish, pasta and rice. Also very suitable for pairing blue cheese desserts.

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