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Poma Aurea Sparkling Cider

Poma Aurea Sparkling Cider


Poma Áurea is a totally natural Spanish cider, a brut nature in which the carbonic as well as the sugar are endogenic, a combination of two fermentation processes. This new brut nature is the result of a careful selection of the raw material. For its production only two apple varietals are used, two Asturian varieties, Regona and Raxao, which ferment at low temperature during several months in traditional wooden chestnut barrels. Once finished this first phase, a second fermentation is caused, controlled and at low temperature in a contra-pressure tank.

The result: An elegant and harmonic brut nature cider, that shows all its expression as ideal accompaniment for appetizers, cheese and seafood dishes,.

750ml ml

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Region:Spain > Galicia
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