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Ron Millonario XO

Ron Millonario XO


This sweet, fruity and very complex Peruvian rum is one of our best sellers! Distilled from select molasses, fermented with specially adapted yeast, in Scottish column stills and then aged in a four stage Solera system that takes 15 years to complete, and utilizes both American and Slovenian Oak, Ron Millonario prides itself on 'bringing together old and modern techniques, and uniting art, science and tradition.

About Ron Millonario
In 1904, in northern Peru, the Hacienda Agrícola de Chiclayo was founded in Chiclayo, a small settlement between the sea and the mountains known as the ‘city of friendship.

Here, a group of farmers united to trade their sugar, and to this purpose they built, at great personal sacrifice, a small refinery. The Hacienda was purchased in 1922, the family of Peruvian landowners Piera de Castillo, with Don Rolando at the helm. In 1950, some years after the purchase of a Scottish column still, Ron Millonario was officially born.

The rum was the fruit of hard work, but since few could afford to sample it, it acquired the name “por los millonarios”, in acknowledgement of that exclusive club of individuals wealthy enough to buy the spirit and enjoy its unique charm.

In search of new products, Fabio Rossi landed in Peru in 2004, and discovered a warm, rich product that was a pleasure to drink. He had stumbled upon a genuine treasure of Peru.

700ml ml
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Producer's Tasting Note 

"Has a good, rich brown caramel colour. The nose is packed full with spicy and sweet notes, spiced oak, cigar boxes, black pepper, leather, cedar, pot pourri and vanilla. When the rum is swirled around aromas of dried fruit and Christmas cake develop. The palate is creamy and smooth with flavours of vanilla, treacle, baked fruit, cocoa and Christmas-y fruit cake type notes. The finish is soft, fullbodied and round with a fine sweetness. Very mild, long and lasting.

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