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Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon 750ml

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon 750ml


The Woodford Reserve was featured on Day 22 of our 2021 KWM Whisky Calendar

Woodford Reserve is made from a combination of the triple distilled Bourbon made at Woodford blended with Shively/Louisville's Brown-Forman Distillery plant which uses a column still. This means there is likely some shared DNA between this and the Old Forester Bourbon - even beyond both whisky brands being owned by the same family company. 45.2%

750ml ml

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Region:USA > Kentucky
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Evan’s Tasting Note

Nose: Big cherry notes right off the get-go. Red Twizzlers, peach nectar, hickory-smoked peanuts still in the shell, brown sugar, and puffed wheat squares

Palate: Cherry flavoured cough syrup, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, peppermint tea, fresh peach slices, bananas, and cinnamon sugar doughnut twists.

Finish: Fruity and sweet but a bit drying - like a heavily steeped tea on the fade.

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