Budget Buddies – Wine That Won’t Hurt Your Bottom Line

by Bri

Congratulations Calgary! We survived the week of frozen tundra and now we can reward ourselves. Since the holiday season has just passed, certainly I’m not the only one with a tight budget. Therefore, welcome to my Budget Buddies tasting blog! I have chosen six wines that aren’t only delicious but new products or vintages on our shelves. I’m a big fan of budget wines that give my palate satisfaction and bank account right on track.

So let’s dive in and explore the six yummy deals.

Belisario Verdicchio Cerro $23.99
Wonderfully fresh and balanced with vibrant grapefruit characters, white flowers and hints of honey. Beautiful to pair with most seafood dishes or anything that needs a light crisp wine. This bottle is unique due to its shape. The first bottle of Verdicchio had the shape of an amphora, with the colour green, which also represents the colour of the grape itself, Verdicchio. “Verdi” means “green”. The bottle shape was introduced in Italy many years ago and was used originally in the Côte de Provence region of France.

Some Young Punks Sauvignon blanc Quickie $19.99
Ooh la la, do we have a new treat for you! This is a new Sauvignon Blanc from Australia and my goodness is it fresh. Jen, Col and Nic are three punks making wine with a punch and personality. All three are extremely educated and dance to their own beat. Don’t believe me? Give this a read ” This is passion, a monster bigger than the three of us that leads us to soapbox, grandstone and sometimes passed out on the couch”. Yup, these three are truly some young punks.

A zingy, refreshing, fruity dry white wine with passion fruit, citrus grapefruit and herbaceous notes on the nose; passion fruit and lime citrus notes on the palate and mild asparagus finish. Need I say more? Whenever you’re in need of a Sauvignon with more weight and a gorgeous petrol note. This is the one to go for!

Andreola Bolle Prosecco Rose Extra Dry $ 23.99
Something very disappointing in the world of marketing wine is the perception around bubbles, especially pink bubbles. Here at KWM, we are trying to feed the movement of bubbles for any occasion, and not just to line our own pockets! Bubbles are too fun and lively to be left only for special occasions. Just take a look at this lovely number. Exclusive to KWM – this delicious prosecco is made from a blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Merlot grapes. We have been representing Andreola for many years and are excited to welcome their first Rose to our sparkling wines section. Prosecco is an excellent wine to serve as an aperitif as it cleanses the palate and gets it excited for the courses and beverages to come.

Encanto Roble Mencia Organic $15.99
This is an organic red wine from Spain – and at a truly awesome price! Mencia is the grape and it is plush, lush, fruity and smooth, with notes of chocolate and herbs. This red was one of the top wines of the evening. People were drawn to the easy-sipping nature of this wine. It has those warming red wines notes and the tannins are exceptionally smooth, especially for the price.

La Posada Garnacha $15.99
This red Grenache has a youthful and playful nose that showcases fresh berries and very little secondary aromas. There is a little bit of spice complemented by mild, savoury herbs. Another new exclusive here at KWM, and it will satisfy any palate in need of white pepper and deep red and black fruit. If you’re ever in need of table wine for an event, La Posada Garnacha should be your new go-to for approachability and price. This gem is currently out of stock, but keep an eye out for it in the future!

Siegel Handpicked Carmenere $17.99
One of KWM’s new Chilean exclusives from the Siegel family, also the winner of the night! Alberto Siegel was a German Architect who moved to Santiago, Chile in the 1930s. Once getting established he helped build the Federal Reserve of Chile, all while developing the Siegel vineyard. His son joined the wine team after having studied Agronomy and gaining experience working on vineyards back in Germany. Jumping ahead, we now find the Siegel establishment has developed seven farms, all strategically located to show the best of each grape grown. Working with 700 hectares and 60 different soil types, the Siegel family and staff have created outstanding wines rich with flavour and complexity.

There you have it, the six budget buddies wines! If you are ever in need of value friendly wines try one of these delicious deals! As always, I’d like to thank Peasant Cheese for the awesome boards and to all the winemakers out there keeping wine approachable for us budget buddies!

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