Tight Wad Oenophile: Back to School

by Bri

September is here and it’s time to get all the layers of clothing out and prepare ourselves for ……cold-weather season. Not only do we have to get those calendars back out to keep track of all the fall events. We are also in the season of pumpkin spice drinks and exercise pants with Uggs. Keep those anxiety feelings at arm’s length! The flip side is the kids are back in school and the daily summer hustle-bustle is slowing down just enough for some guilt-free affordable wine. Kensington Wine Market has many special wines however, we love those daily/ weekly deals. Plenty of variety that will satisfy any craving and also let you budget before the holiday season is upon us. The back to school tight-wad tasting took the overwhelmed in-store wine hunting and showcased seven wines that are budget worthy and delicious.

Ortega Rioja Young White 2017
Ortega Ezquerros is a family-run production based in Rioja, Spain. Starting in 1896 as a small collection of vines, Ortega Ezquerro continuously adapts and grows with the ever-changing wine environment, whilst maintaining their traditions and beliefs. This wine is a blend of 90% Viura, 5% Malvasía, 5% Garnacha Blanca. It’s balanced and intriguing, with beautiful fruit and floral characteristics and an underlying acidity that brightens up the palate.

Conde Valdemar Rioja Rose 2018
The Valdemar family is a fifth generation winemakers, Anna and Jesus Valdemar.
Anna and Jesus focus on primarily Spanish grape varieties, such as Tempranillo Blanco, Graciano and Matiana. Their goal is to showcase the grapes that are native to the area and bring them to a higher level. This wine is as refreshing as they come. This dry rose is full of minerality and citrus notes. It is incredibly approachable with its grapefruit, saltiness, Meyer lemon and fresh/bright red fruit.

Bender Kulina Pinot Noir 2017, Germany
A new exclusive here at KWM and soon to be a favourite. Andreas Bender creates some wonderful modern wine in Germany. With vineyards in the Mosel and Pfalz,
Bender displays an unerring capacity to create a compelling balance of fruit and acidity. Bender understands that exceptional winemaking must involve and be combine with high-quality work, a sense of good soils and premium grapes, gentle cellar work, old vineyard crafts and new, modern “wine-thinking.” Well, all that hard work is paying off for Mr. Bender. He not only is leading the way for modern German wines, but the German Chancellor Angela Merkel also showcases his wines to any visiting diplomat. This particular Pinot Noir is full of umami flavours. It has a rich earthy mushroom note accompanied by black fruit, violet and raspberries. This wine not only is an easy sipper, but it can also be pair with countless food options.

La Posada Tempranillo 2018 – Spain
In 2005 Maria Victoria Montero started Bodegas y Vinedos Verum with her children. She definitely jumped with both feet by planting 250 hectares, with over 14 different Spanish and French varietals planted throughout. Things moved quickly and by 2013, Verum’s winery and vineyards have been certified organic. A huge step in keep their winery modern and looking forward to the future quality of wines. La Posada is a wonderfully fruit-filled wine. Bright raspberry hue with purple undertones will knock those cozy sofa socks off! The aromas of baking spice and a little bit of licorice round out this youthful nose. With a few swirls and some patience, we can coax out strawberry-rhubarb pie filling, a bit of an herbal and sweet fruit note. La Posada Tempranillo wine is fermented in stainless steel keep ensure the fresh fruit. This wine would go perfectly with a Mexican feast of burritos or tacos, tomato-based dishes or roasted vegetables.

Mother Rock Force Majeure Red 2016 – Swartzland, South Africa
Do yourself a favour and don’t miss the South African section in any wine store. These wines are thought-provoking and full of complex flavours. Mother Rock Force creator is Johan ‘Stompie’ Meyer who is one of the most highly regarded of South Africa’s new wave winegrowers. Mother Rock/Force Majeure, is a joint venture and a new one at that. Johan paired up with UK agent Indigo Wines with the vision for this new label (Force Majeure) was to create a more affordable pair of wines. The most impressive thing about this new line of wines is their not only affordable but also natural and raw. Johan says ‘I make more natural wines, but I’m trying to be clean rather than funky,’ he explains. The only addition is a bit of SO2 at bottling. This wine is unfined, unfiltered accompanied by spontaneous fermentation.

Benjamin Bridge Nova 7, Nova Scotia
The second favourite of the evening, this refreshing slightly sparkling wine will be a winner any evening. A blend of Muscat varietals, Vidal, Seyval and Geisenheim will delight our wine glasses for any occasion. In the glass, a pale salmon with an orange hue. The nose is delicately perfumed, thanks to a myriad of white flowers and passion fruit. On the palate, the wine immediately refreshes, with tonic notes of key lime, mango and green apples. An invigorating wine, finding a balance between engaging floral aromatics and energizing acidity.

These wines will help any fall chills or seasonal sadness. They all encompass lively aromas, food pairing potential and comforting warm feelings! As the holiday season approaches trust us with your holiday wine picks. We not only work in the world of wine we actively live in it. I’d like to thank Peasant Cheese as always for the delicious boards and of course everyone who joined us at KWM.

- Bri

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