Rosé! It’s not white. It’s not red. It’s just delicious!

by Dave

If I have to pick one type of wine that would be the only wine that I would be able to drink. I think it would be rosé. Ok, I guess it would actually be bubbles first and then rosé. That being said there are some amazing sparkling rosés as well so I might actually be safe just sticking to rosé. I love rosé and if you haven’t given it a try or you have a misconception that it is solely a sweet wine, you are missing out on a whole other world of joy! Rose’s can be amazing. They can be dry, off-dry, high acid, low acid, round and voluptuous, or laser-sharp.

Rosé may just be the most approachable wine style around. It pairs well with food, it can be unbelievably good on their own, they can make a sunny day feel even that much more special, or they can just share some desk time with you as you decide the best ways to romance their beauty with words.

Summer is upon us, which makes it the right time to drink rosé. Of course, I would say the same thing for any of the other three seasons as well… If you want to try some rosé I am going to go over the ones that we tried at our tasting, however, if none of these draw your attention, do not fret. We have lots of others in store as well so there is always something new and delightful to taste!

Andreola Bolle Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry $23.99
A Kensington Wine Market exclusive! This delicious Prosecco is made from a blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Merlot grapes. We have been representing Andreola for many years and are excited to welcome their first rosé to our family of sparkling wines! Prosecco is an excellent wine to serve as an aperitif as it cleanses the palate and gets it ready for the main course. Rich and robust, with broad shoulders and plenty of hearty earth tones, this cherry and currant-infused sparkler finishes with gorgeous notes of natural musk and chalky minerals.

Laherte Champagne Rosé Nature $74.99
A Kensington Wine Market exclusive! Pink bubbles for a special occasion, or any time you just want to celebrate a day in style. This one comes from the Laherte family; they both grow the grapes and make the Champagne, which means this one is a “grower Champagne” — rare, in these days of big Champagne houses.

This Rosé de Saignee is produced with the Pinot Meunier grape variety which comes from plots situated in “Les Beaudiers.” A beautiful aperitif! Aurélien Laherte is one of the hottest growers in Champagne today. This sparkler has a light, soft, creamy bubble. It is quite dry but with well-balanced acidity, not to tart but delicious. There are lots of fresh red fruit flavours as well as hints of biscuit, cheese, and cream. Made organically and also non-dosage this Champagne rings all the bells. Not to mention how beautiful the bottle and label are. This is a knockout wine definitely worth expanding your Champagne horizons!

Houchart Cotes de Provence Rosé Magnum $49.99
All the fun of a rosé wine but twice as much in 1 bottle! If you have never experienced the wonder of having a magnum-sized wine this is your perfect entry point! It will take a lot longer till you are sad that the bottle is finished and with this wine, the regular bottle seems to disappear altogether too quick. Domaine Houchart is located at the foot of Mount St. Victoire near Aix en Provence. Look for aromas of citrus and strawberries as well as flavours of red berries, watermelon and mineral notes. The finish is clean, long and refreshing. One sip will transport you to that cafe table on the Cote d’Azur! This does come in regular size bottle as well if you aren’t able to finish a magnum by yourself.

Edoardo Miroglio Bio Rosé 2017 $24.99
A KWM Exclusive! When was the last time you had a Bulgarian wine? Probably in Bulgaria. If like a lot of people you haven’t had the chance to go then just pick up this gem and get a taste of the amazing wines that they can produce there. This wine is a blend of organically grown Boquet and Mavrud, two indigenous grapes to Bulgaria. The perfect wine for a light raspberry vinaigrette salad, delicate fish dishes or sushi! Delicate fruity nose, with the typical characteristics of both indigenous grape varieties. The taste is elegant and well balanced, with the development of pleasant fruity flavours in the mouth. Grape growing and winemaking have been traditional for the region ever since Thracian times. “Many ancient authors have praised the Thracian wine, and the recipe has been passed from father to son for generations… This is what I was inspired by!” – Edoardo Miroglio

Valenciso Rosé 2016 $35.99
This is a very serious rosé. One made for contemplating and being mindful about it. It is so good that it makes me wish everyone could at least try it once. It is made with Tempranillo grapes and actually aged on the lees as well. This gives tons of character, texture, and volume. Balanced with lively acidity, this wine has so much going on. Definitely, something to try out. It is very small production. The winery itself uses cement vats for ageing helping give a cleanness to this wine. The winery itself uses sustainable methods and has access to very old vines and does a very small production of this wine, less than 4,000 bottles. I had a chance to visit this winery last summer and they blew me away with their production, winery installations, methods of making wine and vineyards. They are definitely producing top-notch wines out of this wonderful part of Spain.

Lyrarakis Rosé 2017 $25.99
Not only did we get to explore rosé wines, but we also dived slightly into the exploration of Greek wines. They can have a bad reputation but there are some absolutely wonderful Greek wines out there that deserve to be shared and paired with Greek food. The Lyrarakis family began growing international grapes for the tourists in Crete in the 1950s, but by the 1990s, they were leading the charge to revive the indigenous vineyards. Soft coral colour. Clearly the Mediterranean, it displays seductive aromas of red fruits and notes of blossomy herbs. The palate is silky and fresh with a long flavourful aftertaste of strawberry marmalade. There was also a very interesting herbaceousness to this wine, which has not been there on previous vintages. This could be a perfect pairing for some Greek salad or Dolmas even. Grapes are carefully selected by hand exactly at the point of their best phenolic and aromatic maturity. After being de-stemmed, a short skin contact of about 3 hours is carried out.

Rockford Alicante Bouchet $39.99
This wine is so delicious that it has it’s own Facebook page! This KWM exclusive is from Rockford Winery out of Australia, they are an iconic winery and “virtually all” of winemaker Robert O’Callaghan’s “wines are sold to a loyal following directly from the winery door.” In other words, grab a bottle or two while you can. This is a gorgeous rosé made from Alicante Bouchet which is a unique red-fleshed grape that makes a deep, rich coloured, rosé wine. Refreshing, delightful, and round. There is so much cherry on this wine, it feels almost like you have gone to the Okanagan and picked your own! There is a full-bodied structure to the wine, for a rosé and it is surrounded by bountiful flavours that beg for another sip. For this wine, I am not even sure if a wine glass is an appropriate vessel to enjoy it. I think a big gulp cup and an extra-large Slurpee straw could potentially make this wine and a sunny day, the perfect day!

With the weather warming up and it actually feeling like summer you shouldn’t wait to experience the wonders of rosé wine. They go great with roast chicken, plank salmon, shish kabobs, bbq ribs, outdoor patios, and if you get them in a can maybe even a hike;) Delight in your drinks and make sure your drinking something you like.


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