Wine Workshop: Rosé

by Abigail

So it’s finally feeling like summer to most. Stampede is underway, we have not experienced any torrential downpours in the last couple of days, and the temperature is consistently above 20 degrees. With the incline in temperature, people tend to pick more pink or white wines, so this the perfect time to talk about some Rosé!

What is Rosé?
Well, I’m glad you asked. Rosé is that ‘grey area’ between white and red wine. Rosé has some contact with the skin, so it doesn’t fit into the white category anymore. But it doesn’t have as much time macerating as red wine does (red wine can macerate with the skins of the grape up to a few weeks, rosé typically only has contact for a couple of hours), so it’s not as dark are red, so it kind of has to hang out on its own.

Because there’s not as much of a defining factor as to what makes a wine rosé, people can interpret it differently. So, for this tasting, I decided to showcase a rainbow of rosé, from the most delicate hint of pink to the darkest, richest Rosé. This also helps to showcase the different styles of Rosé, from light, crisp, refreshing, to other Rosés that have more structure that you can enjoy all year.

Let’s get started!
Rimarts Martinez Rosé NV
Rimarts owes its name to the winemaker’s father Ricard Martínez de Simón who decided to start producing high-quality cavas using the handcrafted method.
From 1987 to the present day, the family has continued with the same philosophy of work to satisfy the most demanding palates around the world.
Produced organically and biodynamically.

A blend of Pinot Noir and Garnacha. A pale rose colour with tints of blue and light silver. Small, persistent bubbles with an elegant release. A very sweet bouquet with notes of red fruits and candied redcurrant. It is sweet, refreshing and smooth upon entry, with a subtle creamy sensation. The finish is long and delicate. Best with aperitifs, tapas, and light meals.

Terra Vecchia Une Ile Rosé 2018
Set in Corsica, known as “lle de Beaute”, the domaine stretches between the sea and the mountains, on land filled with history. The combination of terroir and ancient Corsican grape varietals has given Domaine Terra Vecchia worldwide recognition.
This Rosé is a very expressive and complex, combining notes of red fruit, candy and citrus. Fresh and full on the palate with aromas of grapefruit and red currants. The long and delicious finish is the expression of a stylish, well-made wine. 100% Niellucciu.

This wine can be enjoyed on all drinking occasions. Its freshness makes it perfect as an aperitif and its elegance allows it to accompany the finest Mediterranean or exotic dishes.

Edoardo Miroglio Bio Rosé 2017
“Grape-growing and wine-making have been traditional for the region ever since Thracian times. Many ancient authors have praised the Thracian wine, and the recipe has been passed from father to son for generations… This is what I was inspired by!” – Edoardo Miroglio

Delicate fruity nose, with the typical characteristics of both indigenous grape varieties. The taste is elegant and well balanced, with the development of pleasant fruity flavours in the mouth.

A KWM Exclusive! This wine is a blend of organically grown Boquet and Mavrud, two indigenous grapes to Bulgaria. The perfect wine for a light raspberry vinaigrette salad, delicate fish dishes or sushi!
Favourite for the evening!

Brezza Langhe Rosé 2017
The Brezza estate, which includes part of the renowned Cannubi vineyard and other fine sites around the village of Barolo, has been bottling since 1910. Now run by Enzo Brezza and his cousin Giacomo, the fourth generation of the family to make wine here, Brezza’s wines are icons of traditional winemaking: organic grape growing, long macerations, and ageing in large barrels.

This Rosato wine has been produced since the end of the 70’s thanks to Enzo’s father Oreste. This wine is the result of vinification of red grapes, where after one night in contact with the skins for about 2% of the juice is taken off to finish its fermentation alone with a temperature of 20 °C / 68 °F. After the alcoholic fermentation is complete we will maintain the wine at a lower temperature because we do not want it to go through malolactic fermentation, helping to maintain the typical grape acidity. Unlike the French Rosé which are similar to a white wine, Italian Rosato are much closer to a red wine: they are in fact more colourful and fuller bodied.

Ferdinand Poco Tinto 2018
Evan Frazier started his winemaking journey in the South of France in 2006. Upon his return to Napa he was fortunate enough to work with the Kongsgaard family who then encouraged his solo project, Ferdinand. Surrounding himself with excellent mentors and great growers, Evan has primarily focused on Spanish Varietals, Tempranillo and Albariño. Considering himself a student of wine (as we all are) and forever learning, (as we all should be) Evan and Ferdinand are of a philosophy we can get behind.

Practising traditional winemaking, these wines are not acidified, fed nutrients, inoculated or any other adjustments. Just carefully handled, and thoughtfully produced with the goal of delicious and table ready wine is the goal regardless of the varietal. Mission accomplished!
This is one Rosé that is seen as a red, but because Rosé is a state of mind, I definitely thought it was worth putting in the line up! It’s a lightly macerated Graciano makes for an absolutely chuggable adult version of ocean spray cranberry juice, chill for best results!

Rockford Alicante Bouchet 2018
“This wine is best drunk out of a big gulp cup and an extra large Slurpee straw!”
-Dave Tyler, Manager, KWM

This KWM exclusive/all time KWM favourite is from Rockford Winery out of Australia, they are an iconic winery and “virtually all” of winemaker Robert O’Callaghan’s “wines are sold to a loyal following directly from the winery door.” In other words, grab a bottle or two while you can. This is a gorgeous Rosé made from Alicante Bouchet which is a unique red fleshed grape that makes a deep, rich coloured, Rosé wine. Refreshing, delightful, and round.

Kechris Retsina Rosé NV
I’m a fan of throwing curveballs in my tasting to really push people out of their comfort zones. This one is something we have featured recently in our Greek Tasting, but I thought it should have another appearance because it was received so well!

Retsina is a traditional Greek wine that is fermented with pine resin. There is a lot of bad Retsina out there that taste like bad pine sole, but the best producers work the pine character in the wine, so it lifts other characteristics, rather than masking all the wines unique flavours.
100% Xinomavro Rosé with a modest amount of resin added, this is a wine that surprises with its combination of delicate red fruits and ginger and herb notes. The focus throughout is on quality and this wine certainly delivers.

Croft Pink Port NV
I made this wine into a cocktail to greet customers at the beginning of the tasting. Given it is a rosé, it had to make an appearance.
This innovative new Rosé style of Port has been made by a new technique which extracts fresh, fruity flavours and a subtle and delicate pink colour from limited contact with the skins of classic Port grape varieties, grown in top quality vineyards of the Douro Valley.

The result is wonderfully fresh and vibrant, full of the rich fruit flavours of Port but with a unique and distinctive appeal. It has created the perfect opportunity for Port to be consumed in the warmer months of the year when Port may not otherwise be the drink of choice.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to peasant cheese for the nibbles.

- Abigail Pavka
[email protected]

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