Tight Wad: Junk and Juice

by Brianna

Wine has a wonderful yet sometimes pretentious reputation to be accompanied with fancy five-course meals or food that is equally expensive. Well if you’re like me sometimes all you want to do is sit in your pj’s watching reruns of The Office, for the millionth time. What affordable snack and wine would go well with this perfect evening, you may ask? Oh, how about some sparkling Vouvray with Chicago mix or Mac n Cheese with Chardonnay. These are the types of ideas we explored and sampled at the Junk and Juice tasting.

The oh so fancy pairing; Domaine des Aubuisieres Vouvray Brut with Chicago Mix

My goal was to find a snack of whom we’re all familiar with but give it a partner to elevate its stature. The caramel and cheese combination is genius! Giving us all what we crave, the sweet and salty. Paired with the delicate effervescent of the Vouvray refreshes after every sip. Therefore, if you need a break from the fistful of Chicago mix, Vouvray Brut will do the trick! This was the 3rd favourite of the evening.

Spice up your life pairing; Kuentz Fleur D’Alsace with Veggie Samosa

Every once and a while we crave a snack that challenges us both emotionally and mentally. However, it must not challenge us physically. That is why I chose a veggie samosa for our next pairing. Samosas can either be gorgeously handmade at a restaurant or something frozen you pick up in aisle 6. Kuentz Fleur D’Alsace went beautifully with the satisfying yet slightly spicy samosas. This white wine has the following bouquet; Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Blanc. Together they created a slightly off-dry wine with a complex floral yet spicy notes. This pairing was one of two favourite picks tonight. When pairing spicy foods with wine keep it simple. Try to find a wine with little to no tannin or a little sugar to help calm those taste-buds.

Oak isn’t just for buttery popcorn pairing; Susanna Balbo Signature Torrontes with Fried Chicken

Torrontes has yet to develop a fan base and I am here to help! Wanting to find a new twist on oaky chardonnay paired with popcorn, this particular Torrontes sprung to my mind. Susanna Balbo created a beautifully balanced wine filled with complex oak aromas with white pear, white flowers and ripe peach. This wine is full of body and may I add is really yummy with some popcorn fried chicken! Move over Chard, Balbo’s Torrontes is coming for you…

Don’t Call it a Come Back: Paltrinieri Solco Lambrusco with Cotton Candy and Raspberry Gummies

Having risen to popularity in England during the 80′s Lambrusco had its moment in the spotlight. Or did it….

Lambrusco Solco is a delight to drink! This dry, delicious fizz is dark purple-red in hue and hails from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, just outside of the city of Modena. It has a long history in the region and shows that in every sip. The perfect pairing would be some yummy Italian cuisine however, where is the challenge in that? In my opinion, this pairing is perfect for much-needed patio fun! Lambrusco Solco with raspberry gummies and cotton candy is a refreshing yet satisfying treat. The raspberry plays off the cherry notes in the wine, whereas the slight bubbles refresh from the silky sweet cotton candy. Go ahead serve it at your next BBQ, you can thank me later for being the most creative one there.

When Gas Station Snack Must do for the Evening Pairing; Novita Sangiovese with Beef Jerky

Ripe Sangiovese grapes deliver great flavours in the glass. Smooth with juicy redcurrant and raspberry fruit with a long finish. Novita Sangiovese is a perfect accompaniment to mushroom paella or vegan pasta dishes or on a very lazy/no motivation night, Beef Jerky! This Sangiovese is friendly in the glass and the pocketbook. Whether you are a salty or sweet fan this wine is easy peasy to pair. That is why I picked a snack you could find literally anywhere snacks are sold.

Argentinian wine will always save the day; Lamadrid Malbec Classic with Meatballs

Tied with Kuentz for first place, Lamadrid was a knockout or was it the meatballs that we snacked on? Either way, this pairing was yummy. Argentinian wine has the complexity one deserves along with the affordability one works tirelessly for. Malbec has a fickle reputation, either you like it or hate it….just like cilantro. However, Lamadrid Malbec is a staff favourite at KWM and pairs easily with many items. The reason I chose meatballs was that the smooth tannins go perfectly with dry or semi-sweet tomato sauce. Saying this if meatballs are too much labour for your cozy night, this wine could also be accompanied with; spaghetti, lasagna, teriyaki chicken wings, dry ribs and cabbage rolls.

Dream a little dream of Tokaji; Tokaji Classic Late Harvest with Lemon Tart

You may have heard of Sauternes, but next time you’re feeling adventurous, please  give Tokaji a try! Tokaji wines are produced in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary and the Tokaj region of Slovakia. Wine has been made in this region since as early as 1650, before the botrytized wines of Sauternes. A gorgeous sweet dessert wine made from grapes effected by botrytis. “Intense and lightly sweet, with dried orange, pineapple, blonde tobacco and a hint of white chocolate on the finish. Pairing this decadent dessert wine with an easy-peasy lemon tart went beautifully. Usually, its best to pair sweet with sweet but the lemon gave the late harvest Tokaji new flavours of orange pekoe tea, lemon curd and candied walnuts.

I would like to thank Peasant Cheese for making my pairing ideas a reality. Most importantly, I would like to thank Superstore for always having the guilty pleasures I seek. This tasting was to show that no matter your budge you always have options. Food and wine pairing should be fun and not taken too seriously. There are some fundamentals, however, have fun exploring and let your taste buds be the final judge. If you every need any help or have questions feel free to contact us a the Kensington Wine Market or myself at [email protected]

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