Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada June 2019 Outturn

by Evan

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Hey… I know those guys!

So here we are in June of 2019. Summer is officially just around the corner and we have seen a few hot days to lend credence to the idea of this season’s actual existence as well. Whichever season it is really doesn’t matter, as it is always time for a new green bottle or six!

This month’s lineup is quite refreshing and summer-friendly on the whole. Here is a quick breakdown to tease and tantalise:

All of the details on this month’s whiskies are listed below. As always, there is stock of a number of past releases still available on our website. You can browse them anytime and read their tasting notes here. We update this inventory weekly, so as long as the whisky is listed on the KWM website there is a good chance you can still purchase it.

Please note:

In June, July, and August, the SMWS Canada typically releases 6 new bottles instead of 7. When we do the Outturn tastings at KWM, we showcase a 7th bottle that was featured in a previous month that still has bottles available. For June, the bottle featured in the tasting was:

44.86 – Four seasons in one glass
WAS $142.99 20% off: $114.39

The remaining bottles of 44.86 are on sale. There also happen to be a few other select SMWS bottles from past Outturn on sale as well. They are listed below:

20% off:
36.135 Exotic, exciting, edgy WAS $193.99 NOW $155.19
41.95 Jousting with flowers WAS $139.99 NOW $111.99

25% off:
50.62 Complex and lively WAS $235.99 NOW $176.99
48.82 Vivacious, zesty and penetrating WAS $131.99 NOW $98.99

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This 10 year old malt whisky, distilled in a continuous still and bottled at 58.3%, spent 8 years in a bourbon barrel before finishing its maturation in a 2nd fill hogshead.

Flavour profile: Juicy, oak & vanilla.
Outturn: 239 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “A luscious nose of pear flesh, pear drops, sugar cubes, spiced rum, dried mango, precious hardwoods, tobacco leaf and fudge. An immensely fruity dram with big notes of bananas flambeed in cognac, banana and vanilla milkshake, rancio and custard. Water reveals some remarkably tropical notes: oranges, kiwis, papaya and guava.
To taste, it is almost fat in texture. The wood spices nibble at the edges of the palate while the fruit sits plump and unmoving with buddha-esque tranquillity in the middle of the tongue. Pineapple syrup, coconut water, lime oil, fruit chews and star fruit. Reduction gives tonic water with lime, passion fruit sours, coconut milk and Thai basil. Previously in a bourbon barrel for 8 years.” 151.99

This 22 year old Speysider comes in at 53.3% after maturing in a 1st fill barrel.
Flavour profile: Juicy, oak & vanilla.
Outturn: 207 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “A light and delicate scent of buttery croissants, amaretto and vanilla panna cotta with toasted almonds and powdered sugar doughnuts wafted through the air. On the palate there were vanilla-pear muffins, braided yeast bun (Hefezopf) with a plum jam filling and glazed carrots in orange, honey, sage and rosemary.
Water released soft rich succulent marzipan fruits as well as vanilla oak fragrance oil and then we had traditional afternoon tea, finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones with cream and strawberry jam all with a cup of Chinese red rose tea. We finished in style with an Asian pear martini.” $280

From a 1st fill barrel, this 9 year old Speysider comes in at 57.3%.
Flavour profile: Young & spritely.
Outturn: 234 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The nose is an enticement of fruity and floral – orange and lime Starburst, gorse flowers and garden centres; plus gentle pepper and peppermint tingles. There is considerably more tingle on the palate – sweet chili sauce, pink peppercorns and balsamic glaze – but it still floods the mouth with marshmallow sweetness, vanilla and raspberry ice lollies.
The reduced nose continues the teasing tango between floral and citric notes – but now also picks up some vanilla sarsaparilla. The palate is warming, sweet, succulent and very drinkable – banoffee pie and custard, restrained citrus and spice and rose petals drifting down behind closed eyelids.” $124.99

This 3 year old from a relatively new distillery in the Lowlands was matured in a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead and is 60.4%.
Flavour profile: Deep, rich & dried fruits.
Outturn: 298 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “Warmth, honey and molten Mars bars brim over the lip of the glass. Assorted glazed nuts, buttery cereals, sunflower oil and date strewn muesli all emerge. There are also hints of earthiness and soot with a nervous citrus aspect which darts between all the other flavours tying everything together. With reduction there is burlap and rope, oily rag and soft leather. Also a more resilient spiciness emerges.
The mouth displays a beautiful balance between sweetness such as raisins stewed in cognac and more zingy notes of demerara, cut green apple, eucalyptus and pine resin. A little water brings savouriness: brown bread, sourdough starter and lime jelly.” $184.99

This 11 year old from Islay comes in at 57.1% after maturing in a refill hogshead.
Flavour profile: Lightly peated.
Outturn: 270 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The aroma had an immediate calming effect for all of us, like marjoram essential oil – slightly warming, citric, herbaceous and woody with sweet scented pine needles. On the palate neat it’s like a ‘croque monsieur’ – boiled ham in brown grilled bread topped with grated cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper and baked in an oven.
With a little dilution we get lightly peat-smoked marshmallows as well as sweet lavender and rose water on the nose, whilst the taste is now very delicate, smooth and creamy like lightly oak-smoked goat’s cheese or a bacon, brie and red onion baguette.” $194

This 12 year old from Islay was matured in a refill hogshead and is 58.7%.
Flavour profile: Peated.
Outturn: 261 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The Panel discovered a big ol’ bag of kippers, wood smoke, peat oils, grilled whelks, smoked mussels in brine, lemon juice, wood ash and fishing nets. Also some herbal touches and a few crushed twiglets. Water gave us wet and burning leaves with a fisherman’s oilskins, Arbroath smokies, salt and vinegar chips and a dollop of mercurochrome. In the background some foaming rock pools and a little star anise.
The palate revealed a peat-fired kiln, liberally poured mezcal, gentian eau de vie, tar liqueur, smoked tea then some heather, burnt toast and a BBQ turkey sandwich. Reduction brought out more mineralic notes such as wet pebbles, lime juice, coal tar soap, sea greens, smoked venison, smouldering heather and ash-rolled goat’s cheese.” $175


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