Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada May 2019 Outturn

by Evan

May of 2019 brings us one hell of an Outturn (yes, I am biased). Here are some stats:

  • Three of the seven bottles in the Outturn are cask finishes. Two hail from Speyside and just barely in the Highlands. All three are – at the very least – worth a taste. Two of them are my personal favourites in the lineup.
  • This is a peat-heavy month. Four of the seven bottles show at least some peat, with three of those showing smoke and earth in a very pronounced manner.
  • One of these peated malts comes from Loch Lomond Distillery, though it would be labelled as an Inchmoan in style. This is the first Inchmoan I have personally had, and possibly the first to hit the SMWS in Canada. It is also easily the best Loch Lomond Malt that I can remember every tasting, SMWS or otherwise.
  • Even more oddness regarding this 112 bottling: the SMWS Canada originally believed that they would be receiving 112.17. It was a serendipidous mistake that they received 112.27, but I am personally very happy that they did.
  • The ABV for the lineup is pretty tight, with all but one bottle coming in between 57.1% and 59.4% ABV.
  • That one outlier bottle is unique in other ways as well: It is bottled at 50% ABV, which is not cask strength. It has much larger than typical SMWS outturn at 2948 bottles. It is one of the SMWS new line of Blended Malts. This is Batch 003 of Peat Faerie. This is the first batch to come to the SMWS Canada, and like when we received Exotic Cargo last year, it likely won’t last long.

As I said earlier and I will not repeat again for fear of overselling it (at least until next Outturn): this is a very impressive lineup. Enough from me though. Read on below for all of the info!

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7.102 – A JOY TO SNIFF
This 13 year old Speysider comes from a new oak barrel and is 58.6%.
Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity & mellow.
Outturn: 178 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: Comments on the nose included ‘intriguing’, ‘complex’ and ‘a joy to sniff’ – Anton Berg plum and marzipan chocolates, honey and pineapple; lemon, wasabi, ginger and polished wood. We found the palate woody (balsa, oak, popsicle sticks) and fruity (black grape, persimmon, pear), with honey and cocoa sweetness.
Still complex with water, the nose incorporated sherbet lemons, orange zesty fruit cake, molasses, candy corns, sweet sherry and pata negra ham. The palate now grew sweeter – strawberry jam, marshmallows, marmalade and Campinos – citric peel, embers and oak tingling the after-effect. Following 12 years in ex-bourbon wood we transferred this into new oak.” $178

This 10 year old Speysider comes in at 59.4% after being matured in a refill barrel.
Flavour profile: Spicy & dry.
Outturn: 179 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The nose is a complex and interesting combination of waxed hardwoods, sorrel leaf, cinema popcorn and crushed rowan berries – also some cooked food notes (fresh donuts, tempura) – you could be hiding in the cleaning cupboard on the set of MasterChef.
The neat palate is tingly and lively with tobacco leaf and Haribo Sour Worms. With a good splash of water, the nose discovers spicy fruits (peppered strawberries) and Old English Spangles. The palate now finds perfumed sweets and fresh pineapple sprinkled with salt and chili powder. Curious at the start but with time it grows on you.” $137

This 22 year old Speysider is from a 1st fill PX hogshead and is 57.8%.
Flavour profile: Deep, rich & dried fruits.
Outturn: 207 bottles
Panel’s tasting note: “The nose was huge; a rich and evolved affair that wrapped dried fruit and cake mix in a shroud of molasses and buttery fudge. Figs and sultanas beckoned the appearance of apple strudel with an inviting and delicious pastry note. Aromas of dried banana merged with baked apple before leading to a thick and juicy palate that epitomized sticky fudge and dark fruits. A huge scoop of rum and raison ice-cream was served with a sprinkling of cocoa nibs and opulent dark chocolate covered cranberries.
Flavours cascaded in a “monumentous” fashion, rolling through the juicy fruits of apricots, tangerines and toffee apples before settling on a finish of warm butter and fresh wood. After spending 20 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a 1st fill PX hogshead for the remainder of its maturation.” $299.99

This 15 year old Highland Islander was matured in a refill hogshead and comes in at 57.2%.
Flavour profile: Oily & coastal.
Outturn: 262 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “Aromas of singed orange peel, Jolly Rancher cinnamon fire hard candy as well as grapefruit and ginger potpourri at first before a rusty iron claymore and a quill bureau made out of reclaimed fir appeared. On the palate it felt like one big aromatherapy treatment inhaling fruity (mango and papaya) as well as floral (heather and lavender) essential oils with a cup of Russian Caravan tea.
Water added maritime characters in the form of sea spray, rock pools and a flinty beach on the nose, whilst to taste now a delicious leftover lamb sandwich seasoned with flaky salt and roasted for twenty minutes in the oven.” $235

Scotch Malt Whisky Society – PEAT FAERIE
The Society’s second-ever blended malt, this 10 year old is a combination of 1st fill barrels and refill hogsheads from Speyside and Islay, and comes in at 50%.
Flavour profile: Lightly peated.
Outturn: 2948 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “The Panel enjoyed the gentle unfurling of aroma in this one. A soft but smoky heather ale note emerges at first, followed by freshly rolled oats, a smouldering hay bail, wet beach pebbles and a hint of buttery marmite toast. Water reveals lemon wax, orange bonbons, smoked teas and Sudocrem.
The peat is louder in the mouth, a big, bold and leanly muscular wave of drying phenols and hot air from a peat furnace. Some anthracite smoke, a distant puffer-boat exhaust and finally a return to more farmyard qualities with cow sheds, earth and wood embers. A suggestion of green peppercorns in brine and a soothing sootiness. Reduction produces notes of roasted pine cone, frying bacon and freshly ground black pepper along with a meaty, fennel sausage note.” $139.99

This 13 year old Highlander comes from a 1st fill barrel and is 57.8%.
Flavour profile: Peated.
Outturn: 262 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “A smouldering peat fire was first noticeable on the nose neat followed by clean engine oil, flamed orange peel and finishing with a cup of tarry lapsang souchong tea. On the palate neat, deep, dark and strong like Latakia tobacco, initially sun-cured and then further cured over aromatic wood and a fragrant herb fire giving it an intense smoky-peppery taste.
Water added, on the nose, Chinese-style five spice pork spareribs and on the palate sweet smoky bacon and roasted treacle toffee bananas. After 12 years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this whisky directly into a 1st fill Limousin oak barrel for the remainder of its maturation.” $176

From Islay, this 11 year old comes in at 57.1% after maturing in a refill hogshead.
Flavour profile: Heavily peated.
Outturn: 303 bottles.
Panel’s tasting note: “Neat, a lovely balance of sweet and smoke on the nose like a whisky-kissed smoked pecan pie served with whipped cream and a glass of plum liqueur. On the palate a sweet smoky juggernaut rumbled over our tongues with dense peat smoke, honey sweetness and slightly floral (jasmine) flavours – completely unexpected!
On the nose, with a drop of water, mellow, sweet and floral smoke whilst the taste still had plenty of sweet peat smoke fire. We felt like we were paddling down a river with the nose being the calm waters before being hit by the rapids on the palate and finally sent over a waterfall.” $192

Looking for information on past Outturn releases? We still have stock available of many bottles featured in past months. You can view our entire stock here. If something shows as out of stock, call or email us to check because it still might be available to order.

We also have stock of a mini/100mL SMWS bottle that was never bottled in full-sized 750 or 700mL form. It is SMWS 72.65 – WINTER COMFORTS. We originally featured this bottle in our KWM Whisky Advent Calendar, but the remaining stock is available to purchase for SMWS members.

Thank you to the great Peasant Cheese for the small bite pairings, and thank you to all that attended!

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