Today’s Cheeky Picks

Barrel Monkeys Shiraz, 2008 Australia

RedHeads Studio invites young winemakers to try their hand at making small batches of wine. Novice winemakers usually start as “Barrel Monkeys”, moving hoses and barrels around, all part of the wine making process. “Barrel Monkeys Shiraz” is the fruit of such labor! A dark, almost opaque, red wine with a highly aromatic nose of sweet blackberry and plum. Concentrated, impressive flavors include blackberry, blueberry, mocha and espresso with a lingering spicy finish. Very cool label. $24.99

Yard Dog Red 2009, Australia

Check this one out! Offbeat Australian red made from Bordeaux grapes in unusual proportions: 55% Petit Verdot, 30% Cabernet  and 15% Merlot. Very dark garnet in color, it’s almost black at the center, clear violet at the edge. Intense fruit aromas, blackberries, blueberries and plums. Yum factor is HIGH! $14.99

Yard Dog White, 2008 Australia

Yard Dog. The old faithful friend, our beloved household pet, the quintessential companion. Behold Yard Dog White! The fresh pear and apple of the Chardonnay (77%) and the lovely ripe fig of the Semillon (14%) set off nicely by the rose petal spice of the (9%)Gewürztraminer make this one pampered pooch of a wine. Just a great sip for these hot days. $14.99

The Bitch Grenache, Australia

Move over Fat Bastard, the Bitch is back! Noted winemaker Chris Ringland has done it again, crafting a Grenache that over-delivers, consistently scoring 90 with Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. Only the Aussies can get away with a big bold bitch of a wine, call it a bitch, and make it taste divine. BBQ heaven! $21.49

Mackinlay’s Shackleton Replica

Here’s your chance to own a piece of history. Three crates of whisky had to be abandoned by Ernest Shackleton, the famous Antartic explorer, in the winter of 1907. He and his crew miraculously survived, the whisky did not until it was discovered, buried under the original hut 100 years later! The distillers, Whyte & MacKay, have painstakingly replicated Shackleton’s original stash. Only 180 bottles available in Alberta. Only at KWM. Call now to reserve yours.$194.99


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