Berry’s Blue Hangar 6th Edition Named Best Blend or Blended Whisky of 2012

On the 27th of January 2013 Malt Advocate Magazine announced on its blog that it was naming Blue Hanger 6th Release from Berry Brother’s & Rudd as the “Blended/Blended Malt Whisky of the Year” as part of their 19th Annual Whisky Awards. “The Whisky Advocate Awards exist to recognize excellence in the world of whisky. Now in its 19th year, the program is still simply about the world’s greatest whiskies and distilleries, and the individuals who make and promote them.”

From Whisky Advocate Blog:

“Blue Hanger 6th Release, 45.6%, £68

Blue_Hanger_6th_700ml_HRLast year the contenders for this category happened to be connected by a taste theme of citrus and pepper, and by coincidence there is a taste theme running through the contenders this year, too. This time, though, it’s an altogether bigger, earthier, and more challenging taste, with peat and oil to the fore. Arguably the best two blended whiskies of the year were Johnnie Walker Blue Label Casks Edition, bottled at cask strength, and Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend, both with peat smoke to the fore. A cask strength version of blended malt The Big Peat made the peat even bigger…and that’s going some.

“Peat is present in our winner, too, but here it’s wonderfully entwined with some rich, fruity Speyside malts. Blue Hanger contains just malt whisky and is made by Doug McIvor for Berry Bros. & Rudd in London using the finest Scotch malts at his disposal. Over the years Blue Hanger has built a reputation for fine quality, and each creation can be viewed as something of a master class in whisky making. But this release takes an unexpected turn for the better, surpassing even our highest expectations by offering an extra peaty, rustic dimension to a perfect mix of orange and berry fruits, cocoa, vanilla, and spice. With John Glaser still setting the pace for blended malts with the most recent versions of Flaming Heart and Spice Tree, and this release raising the bar still further, this category is on fire. Stunning. —Dominic Roskrow”

Berry’s Blue Hanger 6th Edition is exclusive in Canada to the Kensington Wine Market, and just 90 bottles have come in.

Whisky Advocate’s Review of Blue Hanger 6th Edition:

Blue Hanger 6th Release Berry Bros. & Rudd, 45.6% If you want proof that blended malts can be world class, you’ll find it in any bottle of Blue Hanger. Lovingly created by Berry Bros. whisky maker Doug McIvor, every release has been exceptional. Even by the series’ own high standards, this sixth release surpasses itself. The nose is fresh, clean, and citrusy, with wafts of sherry. But there are smoky hints, too. And it’s that peaty, earthy note on the palate that gives this release a new dimension, enriching the fruity Speyside sweetness at the whisky’s core. The age and quality of the malt asserts itself throughout. This really is stunning stuff. (Vol. 21, #3)  Reviewed by: Dominic Roskrow – 94pts

Fewer than 50 of the 90 bottles are still available!

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