New Exclusive Duthies Single Malts Available in Store!

New Releases from Duthies by William Cadenhead exclusive  to Kensington Wine Market. This may be the last of the Duthies releases to make it to Canada, as all future bottlings will under the William Cadenhead label.

  1. Duthies Royal Lochnagar 10 Year – 46% – Matured in Oak – My Tasting Notes: “Nose: sugary and malty, lemon drops and lime Jell-O; light spice, with green apple, honey and beeswax; Palate: sweet and malty still with more citric notes (lemon & lime), mint sprigs and wet leaves; browning green apple and Demerara; Finish: sweet and malty with more sugars, green apple and honey. - $77.99
  2. Duthies Glen Ord 16 Year – 46% – Matured in Oak –My Tasting Note: “Nose: peppery, earthy and spicy; something has my attention, but I can’t immediately figure it out; green and grassy, herbal like a tequila and vegetal (turnips and parsnips) over a creamy vanilla base:Palate: very spicy, still herbal and vegetal with more baked turnip and parsnip; green grassy malt and both dried and candied fruits; also late emerging Christmas spices; Finish: the spices are in complete control with hints of the dried and candied fruit. – $87.99
  3. Duthies Springbank 11 Year – 46% – Matured in Rum Casks – My Tasting Note: “Nose: highland toffee, heather honey and clotted cream with salty sea breeze; newly cured leather, sugary malt and some candied orange; Palate: richly toffee, smooth caramel and butterscotch with soft-oily-(faintly)salty-peat; becomes darker with growing earthy smoke, fennel seeds and honey; Finish: sweet and oily with fading Highland toffee, round malt and clean sea smoke. - $77.99
  4. Duthies Glen Scotia 12 Year – 46% – Matured in Oak – My Tasting Note: “Nose: dark and earthy with old leather jackets, cloves, espresso grounds and pouch tobacco; fruit leather, cocoa powder and sugary malt; Palate: fruity, spicy and earthy; candied fruits alongside firm leather and moderately strong tobacco; then cloves and fennel seeds with chocolate espresso beans; Finish: more chocolate espresso beans, dark spices and leather with some faint candied fruit. - $76.99
  5. Duthies Caol Ila 17 Year – 46% – Matured in Oak – My Tasting Note: “Nose: sweet, briny and fishy with creosote and damp wood smoke; softly peated malt, crème brule, dank forrest litter and lemon furniture oil; Palate: the peat is initially more robust than expected fading into damp wood smoke; salt and spices tingle on the palate while fish oils coat it; becomes darker, sweeter and spicier with each sip showing candied fennel, licorice nibs and candied salmon; Finish: long, coating, oily and smoky with more sea salt and tingling spices. - $105.99
  6. Duthies Aberfeldy 14 Year46% – Matured in Oak – My Tasting Note: “Nose: fresh, honeyed, floral and malty; fruit salad: mostly apple, pear and white grapes with some melon and banana; corn syrup, granular sugar and freshly cut oak; Palate: fresh and toasty with grassy-floral-malt and a tinge of spicy hops; some poached pear and browning apple with grassy-herbal notes; gentle spice, soft oak oils and tendrils of white chocolate develop over the firm grassy malt; Finish: spicy and creamy with fading grassy malt and white chocolate.” - $82.99
  7. Duthies Bruichladdich 20 Year46% – Matured in Oak (looks like Quercus Alba… Sherry) – My Tasting Note: “Nose: Eatmore, candied fruit, chocolate and leather; soft and creamy, candied citrus, a hint of potpourri, caramel chews and hints of spice; more and more enticing as it warms; Palate: rich, spicy and earthy; some firm but yielding leather, cooked brown sugar, clove, anise and Licorice Nibs; layers of spice, mostly on the darker end of the spectrum with some dried dark fruit and chocolate espresso beans; light peat smoke emerges with patience adding to the overall effect; Finish: both Jelly Bellies and old school Jelly Beans for the fade out, with the stronger flavours: dark fruits, licorice, root beer and cappuccino. - $110.49

All are available for sampling and sale in store!


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