New Beers for the Month of June part 1 of 2

Hello to all! It’s time again to give you the lowdown on what tasty new beers I’ve been able to acquire and make available to you all! Hand-picking my beer selection, and tailoring it to you beer geeks and casuals alike is a full-time job, heck, it’s MY full-time job, and you just know I love it. I love it nearly as much as a shower beer, or a NEIPA so hazy, you’d think it was a glass of Metamucil. Alright, alright, I’ll cut it out with the cheese ball stuff. You think of something to put in here twice a month and see how quickly you run out of ideas! Anyways, here are all those beers I mentioned arriving thus far in June, and stay tuned for more… maybe even the fabled Founders CBS?

Deep Cove Watershed Yuzu Wit $20.49 for a 6-pack of cans

Evil Twin I Always Felt Closer to IPAs Than I Have to People $7.19 for a 473mL tall can

Collective Arts Liquid Arts Fest IPA $6.19 for a 473mL tall can

Vancouver Island Ukidama Lychee Saison $2.79 for a 355mL can

Founders Rubaeus $18.79 for a 6-pack of cans

Ninkasi Prismatic IPA $21.19 for a 6-pack of cans

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing $19.69 for a 6-pack of cans

Burdock Tuesday $6.19 for a 355mL can

Founders PC Pils $18.89 for a 6-pack of bottles

Four Winds Wildflower Saison $16.59 for a 750mL bottle

Belching Beaver Sour Series 5 $16.99 for a 375mL bottle

Innis & Gunn Mangoes on the Run $3.29 for a 350mL bottle

Ninkasi Pacific Rain Pale $22.09 for a 6-pack of bottles

Gigantic Massive! $19.49 for a 650mL bottle

Gigantic Massive! Barrel aged $26.99 for a 650mL bottle

Alright, so that’s about it for now. On that last one, if you haven’t tried the Burdock beers yet then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Nearly all are gone except Tuesday and Three, so I would suggest not missing out, especially on the Brett apricot or Saison du Must.

Cheers for now, until next time!
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