Rosé All Day!

by Dave

It is getting to be that time of year when can really enjoy the season, rosé season that is! If you have not tried any or have the idea that rosé wine is just sweet and syrupy then you haven’t met the right wine. The right rosé can be the perfect wine for spring, summer, warm weather and patio days! The gorgeous pink colour and crisp freshness seems to be exactly what hits the spot on those warm days. If you want it as just a refreshing cool down after a long day or a great warm up to an even longer night it is hard to go wrong with these delicious wines.

There are 3 different ways for making a rosé; Maceration method, Saignée (“San-yay”) or “bled” method and the blending method.

Leaving the juice of the grapes in contact with the skins is how the maceration method works and this is the most common way of producing rosé wines. This way they will extract a little colour and flavours from the skins themselves. All the wines that we tasted were made from this method.

Saignée method is done by taking off some of the first juice produced when a red wine is being made. This can be done in places where they are producing higher-end wines and want to have a richer concentrated red wine and they are also able to get a lovely rosé wine out of it as well.

Finally, the blending method is done by mixing red wine with white wine. This is generally done in Champagne and because red wine can be quite dark it doesn’t need that much to add to change the colour of the wine. If you haven’t tried a rosé champagne then you should definitely put it on your to-do list.

I am going to go over the wines that we tried in the order that we tried them.

Andreola Bolle Prosecco Rose Extra Dry
A Kensington Wine Market exclusive! This delicious Prosecco is made from a blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Merlot grapes. We have been representing Andreola for many years and are excited to welcome their first Rose to our family of sparkling wines! Prosecco is an excellent wine to serve as an aperitif as it cleanses the palate and gets it ready for the main course. Rich and robust, with broad shoulders and plenty of hearty earth tones, this cherry and currant driven sparkler finishes with gorgeous notes of natural musk and chalky minerals. $23.99

Pol Cochet Brut Rose
A Kensington Wine Market exclusive, and a great price for a gorgeous rosé Champagne! “This champagne, synonymous with pleasure, is composed only of Pinot Noir. The nose is dominated by subtle notes of small red berries (raspberries, candied currants), complemented by floral shades of pink. The palate is lively and refreshing, combining intensity and roundness. Ideal to accompany a summer aperitif, a meal, yes with red meat! Pairs beautifully with wild salmon or with fresh fruit desserts,” according to the winery. $62.99

La Palma Rose
La Palma is Spanish for palm tree and at Viña La Rosa, the vineyards share the land with thousands of native Chilean palm trees – hence the name. Here’s a Rose blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon at a price that will make you blush with pleasure. Aromas of wild strawberry and red cherry and a hint of apple and pear. On the palate, you’ll find luscious notes of very ripe strawberry and hints of red apple and ripe pear. A mouth-filling array of flavours, with crisp acidity and a clean finish. La Palma Rosé pairs nicely with green salads, grilled vegetables and California rolls. Perfect with a citric ice cream! $15.99

Poggio al Sole Rosado
This beautiful rosado (pink!) is made from pure Sangiovese grapes; it’s fresh, fruity and deliciously easy to drink. Serve as an aperitif, or with roast chicken, roast turkey, perhaps some salmon or a charcuterie platter. As for the winery, Poggio al Sole lies in the very heart of Tuscany, in that famous, glorious countryside between Florence and Sienna. $21.99

Houchart Cotes de Provence Rose Magnum
All the fun of a rosé wine but twice as much in 1 bottle! If you have never experienced the wonder of having a magnum-sized wine this is your perfect entry point and a tremendous value! It will take a lot longer until you are sad that the bottle is finished and with this wine, the regular bottle seems to disappear altogether too quick. Domaine Houchart is located at the foot of Mount St. Victoire near Aix en Provence. Look for aromas of citrus and strawberries as well as flavours of red berries, watermelon and mineral notes. The finish is clean, long and refreshing. One sip will transport you to that cafe table on the Cote d’ Azur! $47.99

Lock & Worth Cabernet Franc Rose
This version of Rose from Lock & Worth is bone dry, fresh, with an electric acidity that cleanses and invigorates your taste buds! This is definitely a staff favourite and unfortunately, because they are such a small production, only 1.5 acres of vines, it is only around for a very short period of time. We are actually all out of it now and won’t see any more until next year. According to the winery what you’ll find in each delicious glass are strawberries, red plum and red apple skin. Fresh and bright, it pairs perfectly with Thai food, goat cheese pizza, or an after-work aperitif. $33.99 SOLD OUT

Rockford Alicante Bouchet
This wine is so delicious that it has it’s own Facebook page! This KWM exclusive is from Rockford Winery out of Australia, they are an iconic winery and “virtually all” of winemaker Robert O’Callaghan’s “wines are sold to a loyal following directly from the winery door.” In other words, grab a bottle or two while you can. This is a gorgeous Rose made from Alicante Bouchet which is a unique red fleshed grape that makes a deep, rich coloured, rose wine. Refreshing, delightful, and round. $38.99

“This wine is best drunk out of a big gulp cup with an extra large Slurpee straw!”
- Dave Tyler

This was such a fun tasting and awesome to be able to try so many wonderful treats on a beautiful warm day. Next time you are feeling the heat remember to look to rosé for relief! It will always be there for you and who knows you may find your new favourite wine!

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