New Beers for the Rest of May!

Alright, so we’re at the end of the month now. The sunny days are finally lasting until 9ish, and the heat has started pumping! I’m excited about summer, and all the tasty light, sour and fruity beers that come along with it. I think I have a few such things in this little update, but before I get there, I wanted to tell you about an exciting new Canadian brewer that will be hitting our shelves this week. I’m more than excited to try each and every one of their offerings, Burdock brewing out of Toronto has a number of well-crafted beers, but there are a few I’m a little more than intrigued by their beers which are inspired heavily by the wine industry and that is showcased quite a bit in some of the beers specifically coming into KWM! Take a quick read of what beers have just arrived, along with all the non-Burdock beers to arrive on the back half of May.


Saison du Must II ($14.79 for a 375mL bottle)

Three ($6.19 for a 355mL can)

July ($11.69 for a 375mL bottle)

Bumo ($19.99 for a 375mL bottle)

Brett Apricot ($14.79 for a 375mL bottle)

Auko ($13.99 for a 375mL bottle)

Ok, now here’s the rest.

Les Trois Mousquetaires Ceci N’est Pas un Gueuze ($22.99 for a 750mL bottle)

Knee Deep Breaking Bud ($5.79 for a 473mL tall can)

Crux Playwave Pale ($4.59 for a 355mL can)

Coronado Orange Avenue Wit ($9.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Gigantic Pinacoolada ($9.79 for a 500mL bottle)

Breakside Kids These Haze ($11.39 for a 650mL bottle)

Outcast Last Minute Stout ($19.19 for a 4-pack of tall cans)

Zero Issue Outlander Kolsch ($16.39 for a 4-pack of tall cans)

Fahr North Dunkelweisse ($5.19 for a 500mL bottle)

Coronado Peach Cruiser IPA ($9.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Founders KBS ($8.09 for a 350mL bottle)

And that’s it for May! Hope the month was great, but that the summer gets even better! Stay tuned for some excellent new beers through June including 2 Crows from Halifax!
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