Weirdo Wines

By Abigail

In this day an age, we pretty much stick to what we know; the average person drinks no more than 20 different varietals, that almost 0.001% of what varietals are grown in the world (not really, but just for dramatic effect). This was a tasting to explore some of the 99.999% of wines out there, and to get people interested in the weird and unknown.

Here’s what we tasted:

Movia Puro 2006 organic
This was a treat. An undisgorged 2006 sparkling rose from Slovenia. This was a fresh and funky wine, and a great way to start off the tasting, especially when Bryan kindly demonstrated to everyone how to disgorge your own bottle, which got everyone ready to try some wine. This 100% Pinot Noir was a light orange hue and a touch haze in the glass and was extremely fresh on the palate. $38.99

Domaine de l’Idylle Jacquere Old Vine
From the small region of Savoie, France comes this little gem of a wine. Jacquere is extremely popular within the region, given its bright acidity, and vibrant, yet slightly savoury palate. This wine is perfect for any cheese board, especially one that consists of Comte or other high-alpine cheeses. $23.99

Birichino Malvasia Bianca
Birichino is a small production coming from the cooler climate of the Central Coast in California, focusing on making wines with the perfect balance of perfume, poise, and puckishness. This Malvasia Bianco is something rather different than what we would regularly enjoy, with a minty freshness and notes of alpine herbs, blossom and a fruity finish, which creates a beautiful elegance and express wine. $28.99

Broc Cellars Love Rose
Broc Cellars is a newer, minimal intervention production coming from an urban winery in Berkeley, California. Broc Cellars makes are delicious wine, though sometimes they can be a touch expensive and even hard to find for us regular Joes and Janes. Because of this, they decided to create the Love wine label, which consists of the same values as their other wines but created with a more inexpensive and easy drinking style in mind. This rose consists of 90% Valgiguie 8% Zinfandel and 2% Trousseau, which produces a beautifully dry, crisp and fruity wine. $33.99

Menti Monte del Cuca
A Weirdo Wine tasting would not be complete without some orange wine! Menti is a fantastic production coming from Northern Italy, with focus on minimal intervention, organic and biodynamic agriculture.  If you have not experienced orange wine yet, Menti is a great place to start. It is well-balanced and has everything you would expect from a wine made from white grapes (fruit, floral, freshness), but it also has those added notes from the skin maceration (tannin, a touch more body, and a hint of funky character on the nose and palate). This wine is made from 100% Garganega, resulting in an orange wine that has beautiful aromatics and freshness on the palate. That skin maceration allows for some fine tannins to develop, adding extra complexity, grip, and texture to the wine. $37.99

Domaine Abbatucci Faustine Rouge
From the small French Island of Corsica, Comte Abbatucci is a small but mighty production. Starting as a conversation site for Corsican varietals in the 1960’s, it was only a matter of time before they started to produce wine. Since then, they have gained global popularity. Their Faustine Red consists of 70% Sciaccarellu, 30% Niellucciu, which creates an extremely elegant and charming wine. This bottle was the favourite of the evening as voted by the attendees. $39.99

VineMind Shiraz Malbec
A newer production behind the makers of Adeline and Some Young Punks. VineMind also focuses on organics and minimal intervention in the vineyard. This wine is different than you would expect from a shiraz malbec; elegant and delicate and full of nuance. It is the perfect red for summer (I recommend having this ice cold on the patio!). This was the runner-up favourite of the evening. $35.99

Thank you to everyone who attended, and a special thank you to Peasant Cheese!!

- Abigail Pavka
[email protected]

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