Kensington Wine Market’s Top 25 Selling Whiskies of 2012

The following is a list of the 25 best selling whiskies of 2012 at the Kensington Wine Market in Calgary, Alberta. Listed in reverse order to tantalize you, not all of them made it to the shelf. A few were sold to whisky clubs, corporations or families. If the Scotch Malt Whisky Society whiskies we all one product, then they would have been a strong contender for #1 spot too. Here is the Top 25 best selling whiskies of 2012!

#25 – Evan Williams 2002 KWM Bourbon CaskThis whisky only landed the second week in December, and yet in less than a month we sold more than half of the bottles the cask yielded. - $54.99

#24 – Glendronach Parliament 21 Year - This is a lovely dram, but something of a surprise to be on this list given it’s price point. It was however a steady seller all year long, and not much of an up-sell from the 15 or 18 year olds. - $117.99

#23 – Adelphi Liddesdale Batch IIAnother big sherried dram, this one from Bunnahabhain distillery. Excellent value for an 18 year old first fill sherry cask matured whisky. We are expecting but 12 bottles in 2013! – $91.99

#22 – Glendronach 1972 KWM Cask 711 39 Year – Possibly the finest cask KWM has ever bottled, contending with the 1960 46 year old Strathisla of old. All 300 bottles of this whisky sold in about 6 months. It was a tropical fruit bomb if ever there was one. This could easily have been Top10 or even 5, but nearly half the bottles sold in December 2011! - SOLD OUT – $439.99

#21 – Nikka Pure Malt WhiteThe highest ranking Japanese whisky in 2012, these cute little bottles pack a lot of flavour and soft tropical fruits. The Pure Malt Black may itself contend for the Top 25 in 2013! - $61.99

#20 – Laphroaig 10 YearOut of Alberta for some 5 years Laphroaig’s 10 year old returned last year with a vengeance. – $58.99

#19 – Calgary Stampede 25 Year 100th Anniversary WhiskyReleased to celebrate the 100th Stampede in 2012 this 100% corn Canadian whisky can still technically be called Rye eventhough there is not a drop of rye whisky in the bottle. This was the 2nd highest ranking non-Scotch whisky last year! – $64.49

#18 – Glenrothes Alba ReserveVery soft and smooth the Alba is only matured in American oak (Quercus Alba) is well priced. It’s also Kosher! - $64.99

#17 – Glenmorangie ArteinScots Gaelic for stone the Artein is a Super Tuscan finished Glenmorangie that is very earthy with some rich dark fruit. – SOLD OUT - $86.99

#16 – Fettercairn FiorA lightly peated Highland whisky from the town of the same name, it has lovely notes of candied orange. – $71.99

#15 – Ardbeg CorryvreckanRumours of this whisky’s demise were a little premature, but it is still a limited product, and will at some point no longer be available. It is still my favourite Ardbeg presently available! – $109.99

#14 – Berry’s Own Selection Glen Keith 1993 – Bottled for a local company’s corporate Christmas gift, there will be a little of this finding its way to KWM in the New Year with the KWM logo on it. - $TBA

#13 – Duncan Taylor Clynelish 1995 – Bottled for a whisky club, and all gone.

#12 – BenRiach 1994 KWM Peated Virgin Oak Finish – This dram did very well considering we didn’t even have a bottle for sale until the first week of December. In barely more than a month 150 and the 233 bottles have sold, and its no wonder why, this is a lovely rich, toasty and peated whisky! - $117.49

#11 – Arran 2001 KWM Bourbon CaskTalk about popular, we launched this one in mid November and there are just 60 bottles left! This is a really soft, creamy, grassy honeyed malt, and available no-where but KWM. – $87.99

#10 – Ardbeg Galileo – AKA the Space Whisky! None it actually made it’s way to space, but it sold like it was out of this world! Not sure if we will get anymore, but it is presently sold out… - $119.99

#9 – Evan William’s 2002 Single Cask – Bottled for a family in Calgary that wanted their own Bourbon. Somewhat similar to our KWM Evan William’s cask.

#8 – BenRiach 1994 Companions of the Quaich Peated Virgin Oak FinishA little more heavily peated than its sister Kensington Wine Market cask which I think is more complex. The alcohol is a little lower than the KWM one, but there were a few more bottles. Although bottled for the Companions I have 24 bottles available for sale to the general public! – $117.49

#7 – Companions of the Quaich Ben Nevis 1996 15 Year – Another cask bottled exclusive for the Companions of the Quaich this lovely little Ben Nevis was found by and bottled by the club for its members. The wife of one of our Calgary Companions even designed the label. This whisky even won a Bronze Medal from the Malt Maniacs!

#6 - Benromach 25 YearA bit of a surprise to make the top 10 (we had a big corporate order), but never the less a stunning whisky and a lovely example of an older whisky at a great price. Sadly, as the distillery was closed more than a decade from 1983 on, this is a Benromach we’ll never see again! ONLY 4 LEFT – $159.99

#5 – Kilchoman KWM Sherry Cask – Our second cask of Kilchoman (the first was Fresh Bourbon) has followed the former into the annals of history. Big sherry met big peat! – $114.99

#4 – Bowmore Laimrig 15 YearOriginally bottled for the Sweedish market the Laimrig was offered to KWM as an exclusive, and it has been a huge hit, hands down our best selling peated whisky. And it is only barely in the #4 position, just marginally behind #2 and #3. Not sure how much longer we will have it, as stocks are shrinking, and this was a one off! – $87.99

#3 – Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX - This PX Sherry finished Glenmorangie could be in the running for the #1 selling whisky of all time at KWM. Sadly, though it unexpectedly returned several times, I don’t think we’ll be seeing it again! SOLD OUT! - $74.99

#2 – Glenfarclas 1997 KWM Family CaskIt took just 10 months to sell out the 653 bottles of this Oloroso cask, and its no wonder why, it was superb. We’re on the hunt for the next sherried superstar! SOLD OUT! – $109.99

#1 – MacKinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt (Shackleton Replica)And the best selling whisky of 2012, its not even a single malt, it is a blended malt created as a tribute to and a replica of the whisky Sir Ernest Shackleton took with him to Antarctica in 1907. There’s little more than 100 bottles of the replica left for sale in Canada, all of them through Kensington Wine Market. While supplies last in the month of January we are running a special promotion. Firstly, we are giving away a copy of Master Blender Richard Patterson’s biography “Goodness Nose” with every bottle sold. Richard is the Master Blender behing Whyte & MacKay, Dalmore and Jura, and also the man who recreated the MacKinlay’s. Buy 1 and save 10%. Buy 2 and save 12%. Buy 3 and save 15%! – $209.99

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