Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada December Outturn

The following is the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada’s December Outturn which was tasted to great acclaim on Friday night in Calgary. All of these whiskies are available for in-store sampling and purchase. Two have already sold out!

Further below you will also see that we have a special promotion on some past releases at great prices!

  1. 50.49: PUDDING IN A GLASS55.8% – 21 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 136 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “An unusual example of the make from our most southern distillery, the firstimpression is of ‘fig pigs’ (dried figs coated in pastry), then dough with pecannuts and raisins, pumpkin pie and blueberry pie, both with golden, butteryshort-crust pastry. The taste is Golden Syrup sweet; the texture mouth-coating,with chewed pencil in the aftertaste. Curiously, water introduces the aroma ofthe paint on the outside of the pencil, then syrup tart with strawberry foam andclotted cream, with traces of tinned peaches. Sweet, smooth and creamy totaste, with strawberry ice cream and a return of sticky pecan pie.” Drinking Tip: “Instead of dessert. – $165.99 + GST – Only 8 left!
  2. 41.52: BOILED SWEETS & PLAY-DOH59.1% – 8 Year – First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 226 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “This is remarkably mature for its age – easy drinking and accessible – although itcomes from a distillery close to the Spey which produces a robust, meaty make.A clean, fresh aroma, with pineapple chunks, strawberry boiled sweets andBakewell tarts (more almond than pastry); a smooth texture and more boiledsweets, cooling strawberry jam and berry fruits. With water it becomes moreestery and ‘childish’ – Playdoh, sweet talc, wax crayons, bonbons dusted withicing sugar, strawberry vanilla ice-cream with caramel sauce. Soft and smooth inthe mouth, and not as sweet as might be expected. Drinking Tip: “For the child in us all!” – $100.99 + GST – Our first chance at distillery 41 in Canada!
  3. 76.93: MAGIC FROM THE WEE WITCHIE: 55.8% – 16 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 584 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose starts off with waxy and toffee notes followed by a very expensivefurniture polish on an antique table. It then pulls you in with aromas like dates,figs and almonds before turning sweeter, dark cherries, Terry’s OrangeChocolate and marzipan. To taste it is big, rich, mouth coating comments likecherry cough syrup, blood oranges, mixed nuts and dark chocolate with spices(German Lebkuchen) were noted. Careful adding water; the nose changes torich honey, chocolate pralines studded with nuts, dried oranges and limes becomingfruity, peaches and oranges, with time. Attractively juicy to drink,flavours of honeycomb, almonds, dried fruits, combined with an overall aromaof casks maturing old whisky in a dunnage warehouse by the oldest distillery in‘The Malt Whisky Capital of Scotland’.” Drinking Tip: “Classic after dinner dram.” - $141.99 + GST – Only 8 Left!
  4. 105.19: OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL: 58.2% – 28 Year – First Fill Sherry Hogshead – Outturn: 315 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Light prickle on a rich and complex nose: glazed baked ham to start, with cidervinegar, dried Seville orange peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and Christmas spices –even traces of mulled wine. Fresh and vibrant. Smooth and sweet to taste, withbitter toffee, damp wood and singed orange skin – and spice notes in the aftertaste.Water increases herbal notes (sage, oregano, savory), with treacle toffee,toasted hot-cross buns and a hint of struck matches. Even smoother in themouth now; still sweet, then burnt toffee and dark chocolate in the aftertaste.From the first distillery to be built on Speyside after 1900.” Drinking Tip: “With Asterix’s Ragoût de Sanglier.” - $203.99 + GST – Only 1 Left!
  5. 26.87: PASSION FRUIT SCENTED CANDLES: 58.1% – 12 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – Outturn: 242 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Complex, warmly inviting – the nose enveloped us in fresh grass, sea breezes,lemon, honey, white pepper, rosewater, jasmine and ‘passion-fruit scentedcandles in a wooden box’. The immediate taste had sweet, waxy, lemony, citricflavours, but hot and slightly bitter too, like star-fruit sprinkled with chilli. Thenose turned fruitier with water – stewed apple, candied fruits, boiled sweets and‘banana in a raincoat pocket’. The reduced palate seemed sweeter, with candycanes, fruit syrup, lemon meringue and sweet coconut; still with its refreshingside – green twigs, lime and aniseed tingles in the finish. The distillery namemeans ‘sloped garden’.” Drinking Tip: “Between courses at a special dinner.” - $117.99 + GST – Less than 6 left!
  6. 29.97: BELOW DECKS ON HMS VICTORY: 59.1% – 20 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 608 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note:“The panel’s experience is summed up above, with the sub-head “wood, smoke,blood”! The first aroma is of treacle toffee, then smoky bacon crisps, then amusky note, like truffle oil. A dry nose and tannic, and very masculine. The tasteat natural strength is intensely sweet, then immediately full of coal smoke, coaltar, hessian. At reduced strength it remains big and bold and smoky, but nowwith Daddy’s Sauce and well-worn leather saddles; the taste remains very sweet,but this is now balanced by a hoppy bitterness and a shake of salt. Intense, tarry,smoky – just what we hope for from this distillery, whose motto was ‘Love it orHate it. No Compromise’.” Drinking Tip: “After the match, in the locker-room.” - $160.99 + GST – !!SOLD OUT!! – Regrettably we just didn’t get very many…
  7. 129.2: HUMBUGS IN A HORSE’S NOSE-BAG: 61.6% – 4 Year – First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 250 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note:“The nose, feisty, but not too spirity, carried gorgeous toasted barley warmth,buttered crumpets, black tea, pepper and ciabatta bread with rosemary andolives. Considering the age, the taste had a distinct ‘Wow!’ factor; floods of sweet,smoky flavours including barley sugars, chewing gum and well-fired rolls. Thereduced nose offered toffee and mint (not unlike old fashioned humbugs) sweetbaked apple and a fire set in the grate, but not yet lit (newspaper, sticks and coal).The palate, with a drop of water, suggested muesli, (dried oats, coconut, dates) ina horse’s nose-bag. From the most westerly Islay distillery.” Drinking Tip: “A novelty dram and conversation piece.” - $99.49 + GST – !!SOLD OUT!! – This was our first release from the newest distillery in the Society’s portfolio…

Special Holiday promotion on past releases:

We have a super special holiday promotion in December, we’ve selected 9 past month’s releases for a mix and match promotion. If you purchase two of any of the following you will save 10% on each. If you buy three or more of any of the following, you will save 15% on each:

  1. 105.16 – Mulled cider & beef goulash
  2. 76.88 – Complex and manly
  3. 35.44 – Entrancing & delightful
  4. 39.83 – Yummy & mouth-watering
  5. 26.86 – Massage in a bottle
  6. 31.23 – Sugared almonds in a mattress factory
  7. 106.18 – Bottled essence of summer
  8. G9.1 – Sweet & sour melange
  9. 42.10 – Straightforward, sweet & spicy

To take advantage of this promotion please call or email our Scotch Guy, Andrew Ferguson.

For more information on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society or to join visit .

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