New beers for early September

Brace yourselves, we’ve got a whole slew of new beers for you all. I’ve been carefully compiling this shelf full of tasty brews and I’m ready to unleash them onto the unsuspecting public. From big IIPAs to crazy funky sours, and even the appearance of the first (of many) Oktoberfest beers, we’ve got ‘em all! Read on!

Dumb Funk Brett IPA by Parallel 49: The addition of Brett gives this IPA a light funk tone, and a noticeable yeastiness. Fluffy mango and muddled tropical fruit cup with nice malty notes and a good bitterness to finish it all off. ($7.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Oktoberfest by Sierra Nevada: Marzen is the quintessential Oktoberfest bier. Sierra Nevada’s rendition is a robust malty beer with mild spice and grassy notes. Not too sweet, and the German hops provide a nice balance, making the beer incredibly comforting and pleasant. ($3.99 for a 350mL bottle)

EE Tah! IPA by Anderson Valley: Light, wheaty malt profile with layers and layers of Chinook, Citra and Amarillo hops. Huge citrus and tropical syrup, with light floral, juicy notes. Moderate alcohol stays in balance with the lightly sweet malts, and support the fruity tones nicely. ($3.69 for a 355mL can)

Old Stumpy Pine IPA by Fernie: Old Stumpy is a light bodied IPA with a pretty pronounced layer of pine sitting on top of hints of citrus and hoppy floral notes. 7 different hops keep the palate complex and in balance with the malt ($8.49 for a 650mL bottle)

Fugli Fruit IPA by Oskar Blues: Fugli is a unique IPA featuring an infusion of Yuzu and Ugli fruits. A lighter style IPA with fruity mosaic hops on top of the interesting citrus tones of the featured fruits, and a firm bitter finish. ($21.99 for a 6-pack of cans)

Prairie Pride by Toolshed: An Alberta made beer through and through. Alberta grown barley and wheat, malted in Alberta, along with Alberta grown hops, our crisp, clear water, and a wild yeast captured right here in our beautiful province! Light, and mildly spicy. Saison-ish with a prominent estery finish. ($16.69 for a 6-pack of cans)

Real Peel Grapefruit IPA by Fernie: Grapefruit peel and the most citrusy of the hops, in a light, super quenching IPA. What do you think the outcome would be? Citrus, pine, sweet malt with an oily bitter finish. ($18.29 for a 6-pack of cans)

Vagabond Pilsner by Bad Tattoo: This is a light and super easy pilsner, not trying to be overly complex or challenging. Drinking it in context for me would be on a hot patio with the sun just about to turn the sky pink. Lightly floral with hints of spicy hops on a clean and slightly bready malt. ($7.89 for a 650mL bottle)

Lifted Embargo IPA by Latitude 33: A San Diego style through and through. Light and crisp malt with big citrus and sappy hop tones throughout. A decently dry beer for the most part with lovely floral tones and a hint of sweetness popping up here and there. ($10.59 for a 650mL bottle)

White Knuckle WIPA by Mt. Begbie: Everyone’s favourite style hybrid! Silky and frothy wheat with mild spice tones, combined with fruity, floral citrusy hops to give you a soft, but punchy brew with a mild bitterness. ($7.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Moon Dance Mango Wheat by Old Yale: Wheaty, frothy and fruity with a fluffy head. Mango and banana are the big players, with cereal-like notes here and there. Silky wheat keeps the palate somewhat clean, but still, some oily fruity tones linger around. ($3.49 for a 355mL can)

Pegasus Pale by Ol’ Beautiful: Ol’ Beautiful is new to the scene here in Calgary. Pegasus is a well-balanced pale with generous malt flavours and hints of grassy citrus and floral notes. Very easy drinking! ($7.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Hopocalypse Meow by Phillips: This is the 2017 anniversary ale from Phillips. A big IIPA loaded with tropical hop flavours and aromas. A rich and moderately sweet maltiness and a dense oiliness from the hops. ($8.59 for a 650MmL bottle)

Frucht: Lemons and cherries by The Bruery: The Frucht series is always a mouth smacking puckery tart bomb, and this one is no different. Ripe cherry with mild spice and a crisp zesty lemony zing. This beer is super quenching and just loaded with oaky funk. ($22.49 for a 750mL bottle)

Goses are Red by The Bruery: A Gose by any other name…  This beer is Gose meets Rose wine. Crisp, spicy, salty and very tart, then comes more crisp grapes and light skin tones. Super refreshing, funky and of course, very sour. ($19.49 for a 750mL bottle)

Farm Table Saison by Beau’s: light, crisp body, with aromas of spice and grass. semi-complex grains give an enjoyable feel with hints of tartness and flowers. Low alcohol and easy to drink with big carbonation. ($8.19 for a 600mL bottle)

Hop Lion by Double Mountain: Light golden IPA with big citrus, tangelo and tropical fruits, along with pronounced sappy and floral tones. Crisp and bitter on the palate with more citrus and a light malty sweetness. ($8.69 for a 500mL bottle)

Not a bad little selection hey? And don’t forget the growler bar. We’re pouring Make That a Double from Outcast, along with a wit from Coronado, High Five Hazy IPA from Yellow Dog, and the Beltline Conductor Lager from Trolley 5.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Until next time!


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