Everything is coming up Rosé!

As I sit down to write this blog post, I realise that I need to re-live the tasting by opening up a bottle of Sparkling Rosé of my own. I recently concluded that Rosé is typically overlooked by most, because of the bad taste left by those sickly sweet Blush and White Zinfandel wines, and I don’t blame them. It’s hard to have a bad experience with wine, and then give it another chance. But those lucky people that have had the power to see pass those White Zinfandel day’s have been treated generously by the beauty of today’s Rosé wines.

This tasting consisted of some of my favourite Rosé that Kensington Wine Market has to offer. We ranged the spectrum from light to bold, still to sparkling and most of the stuff in between.

Here is the list and descriptions of the wines tasted:

Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon Rosé 2016
Loire Valley, France
La Noblaie is located in the small village, Le Vau Breton, in the heart of Chinon, and is believed to be one of the oldest wineries in the region. Chinon is an area in the Loire Valley that is known for its elegant Cabernet Franc, and this Rosé is a perfect example of that.  Sourced from younger vines, this wine is as delicate as it is complex. The aromas are elegant, with cranberry and sour cherry taking the mainstage. The palate has an electric acidity, with subtle notes of red berries, blossom, and even a touch of blueberry. $22.99

Passe Colline Ventoux Rosé 2015
Rhone, France – KWM Exclusive
This wine has a somewhat different story than the others. It all started with a pharmacist in Southern Rhone that persuaded a handful of people to collectively make wine. Thus, Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise was born. 60 years later, there is over 160 cooperators working together to produce fantastic wines. Their Passe Colline line is one we cherish here at Kensington Wine Market. Coming from Southern Rhone, this blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan is a lovely representation of French Rosé. A little more power to the nose, this wine definitely shows more fruit than the Chinon, filling the air with the illusion of strawberries, raspberries, and blossom. The palate is dry and fruity, coating your taste buds with red berries and flowers. A little shorter on the finish, making it a perfect wine to sip on the patio without thinking. $21.99

Poggio al Sole Primavera Rosato 2015
Tuscany, Italy – KWM Exclusive
Located just south of Florence, Italy, Poggio al Sole is a charming little vineyard producing some delicious wine. The Davaz family, who started production of Poggio Al Sole in 1990, believe that their wine truly shows the beauty of Tuscany. This rosé is 100% Sangiovese, produced with a touch of lees aging to add complexity. Delicate and sophisticated, this wine shows the beauty of Sangiovese. Cranberry, bramble and blossom aromas sweeps through the air to transport you to the Tuscan sun. Crisp, dry and extremely refreshing, this wine is a must for summer. $21.99

Mitolo Jester Rose 2014
McLaren Vale, Australia – KWM Exclusive

“In my life it’s all about family and friends. A table, served with food and wine made with passion and love. This is the essence of Mitolo”. Frank Mitolo

Arriving from the Abruzzo region of Italy, the Mitolo family moved to McLaren Vale, Australia in the 1950’s to start a new life. It’s a story of hard-work and dedication that finally gave the Mitolo’s their hand in winemaking. Producing wines that represent their heritage, they have succeeded in creating products that continuously bring people together. This rosé is also 100% Sangiovese, and compared with the Poggio al Sole, it shows the robust nature of McLaren Vale. More cranberry, more blossom, more bramble, and more intensity. $24.99

Hansel Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016
Sonoma County, USA – KWM Exclusive
Originally starting out as agriculturists, the Hansel name slowly transitioned into winemaking, after planting Chardonnay vines in the 1970′s. Slowly but surely, they started making wine, and by 1996, they started to commercially produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This Rosé of Pinot Noir shows the hearty, yet alluring characteristic of Californian Rosé, with strawberry, cherry and blueberry aromas coming to life as soon as you open the bottle. The palate shows the extra bit of body this wine has compared to the previous Rosé, and beautifully lingers for minutes after. $30.99

Dumangin Rosé NV
Champagne, France – KWM Exclusive
This bottle was created by Gilles Dumangin, a 5th generation winemaker located in Chigny Les Roses, Champagne. With the use enamel tanks to maintain their signature yeast characteristic, this blend of Chardonnay (54%), and Pinot Noir (46%) brings to life the beautiful complexity of Rosé Champagne. With the delicate bubbles rising from the center, this Dumangin Rosé shows notes of yeast, blossom and red berry. The palate is elegant, with the yeast characteristic beautifully pairing with the notes cranberry, raspberry and white flower. As one person described, it is the perfect “Valentine’s Day wine”, and I fully agree. It’s romantic and sophisticated with a touch of lustful appeal. Now, all we have to do is show our love to others by treating everyday as Valentine’s Day. $52.99

Bella Westbank Gamay Ancestrale 2016
Okanagan Valley, Canada – KWM Exclusive
Starting in 2012, Bella is one of the only Sparkling Wine houses in British Columbia. Winemaker, Jay Drysdale and partner, Wendy Rose, focus on more of a natural approach, and in 2014, produced BC’s first Ancestrale sparkling wine. Jay believe that this ultimately shows the true characteristic of the varietals, while enhancing the flavour profile. This wine is 100% Gamay Noir, and is a new exclusive to us at KWM. The wine has a deep pink hue, with aromas of rhubarb, cranberry and pie crust. The palate starts to make you pucker with the tart cranberry notes, but as it’s flavours develop, the yeast characteristic engulfs your taste buds, leaving you warm and blissful. $59.99

The battle for favourite of the evening was a contentious one with a tight race for first. After the dust settled and the votes tallied the Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon Rosé 2016, with the others all closing within 1 point of each other. Thanks to Peasant Cheese, we had a chance to sample cheese with the wine. It was fun to see which cheese paired with which wine, but the overall favourite was The Lindsay Clothbound Cheddar.

Thank-you to everyone who attended!


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