The New Beers of July 1 of 2

Hello, beer nuts!

It’s time again for a giant list of mouth-watering new beers and summertime quenchers. I’ve already gone through and tasted these, and they are all pretty damn good. So think of me as your official tester(taster?) and guide to all the summer beers you didn’t know you needed in your mouth.

So please take a quick-ish tour with me of my “new arrivals” shelf. This is a 2-parter because there are just so many new beers, so read on and try not to drool on the keyboard.

Guava Libre! By The Bruery: This is an intriguing imperial cream ale with added vanilla and guava. As strange and off the wall as you’d expect from The Bruery, this beer is meant to mimic a Cuban pastry. So expect a bready sweet and fruity beer that’ll make you want it for breakfast AND dessert! ($18.59 for a 750mL bottle)

Oo Cassis by Pohjala: A big and boozy Baltic porter, full of roasted malts, cacao and coffee, with black currants added, giving deep and rich dried fruit notes, slightly sour jam and plenty of muddled berries. ($8.29 for a 330mL bottle)

Wild Card Brett IPA by Phillips: A sweet and floral wild IPA with bready malts and a touch of fruitiness throughout. A curious and unique beer for those who love to explore! ($8.69 for a 650mL bottle)

Pipeline Coffee Porter by Kona: Pipeline is a wonderful, lighter bodied porter with a generous roasty character and moderate coffee tones thanks to the Hawaii-grown Kona coffee. Nothing overpowering about this balanced and comforting porter! ($21.39 for a 6-pack of bottles)

Hanalei Island IPA by Kona: Kona packs this session-style IPA with oodles of tropical fruits such as Passion fruit, Guava and Orange. Light and crisp, super fruity with a good bitter finish. What more could you ask for? ($21.39 for a 6-pack of bottles)

Blood Simple Blood Orange Wit by Beau’s All Natural: Beau’s took the classic Belgian wit style, and juiced it up… so to speak. The addition of blood orange juice, peel and cacao nibs give the beer a unique flavour for the style with deeper chocolate tones along the dry, but pungent citrus notes. (9.59 for a 600mL bottle)

Pacific Wonderland Lager by Deschutes: This is a super summery lager with a pleasant citrusy hop character. Dry and crisp, with a touch of bitterness, and an overall pleasant feel. Just try and stop be from taking this to the beach! Wait… we have no beaches…($21.89 for a 6-pack of bottles)

Berliner Weise by Les Trois Mousquetaires: Light and fluffy, and slightly bready. Big lactic tartness with over ripe lemon coming through. Super refreshing and demands to be cold, but drank when the weather is hot. ($5.19 for a 330mL bottle)

Je Ne Sais Quoi by Little Known Brewery: Medium bodied, hazy malts with light bread tones and a moderate sweetness. Big tropical and citrus tones with a good underlying bitterness that persists a little through the finish. Just as the name suggests… this is a little known brewery. ($4.09 for a 473mL bottle)

Gimme Mo IPA by Crux: A great modern day IPA, like we’ve all grown to love. Light pilsner malt gives a terrific platform to show off hops! In this case, it’s whole leaf Citra and Mosaic. Big citrusy and tropical fruits with hints of pine, and a mildly sweet malty foundation. ($4.49 for a 355mL can)

Lazy D’haze East Coast IPA by Powell: Hazy, orange, moderate body with loads of citrus and tropical fruit aromas, with the flavours to match. Orange peel, mango and pineapple come through on the palate, with a light bitter tone on the clean finish. ($9.19 for a 650mL bottle)


So there’s about half of what there is. I’ll release the other half in just a short while after you’ve had a chance to get through this one.

Aside from bottled and canned good, what about the kegged goods? Well as of now on the ol’ growler bar, I have a Mango and Passionfruit Saison from Banded Peak, a Lager from Trolley 5, and the Nemesis NEIPA from Zero Issue. Also, coming on thursday is a session IPA from Coronado, so make sure not to miss any of those before the weekend!

I’m going to cut it there, but stay tuned or more!

Until then, have a good mid-week!


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