Oh Canada! Canadian Craft Beer

Time to celebrate Canada in all its unique glory! The first thing I want to acknowledge -naturally- is the great Canadian beer scene and all of the talented brewers we have!

I carefully selected a handful of beers from around the country, highlighting various styles and exceptional brewers. I also asked our friends at the Peasant Cheese Shop for some platters of Canadian-made cheese and meats, and we tasted through the whole darn thing! Here’s a little snippet of what we had.

Moody Ales Intrepid Lemon Matcha Saison: A mildly tart, lightly spicy saison, with big lemony notes and some grassy hop character. The matcha comes into the finish as more herbal tones that evolve out of the lighter grainy base.($11.59 fr a 650mL bottle)

Outcast New England Super Session Ale: Light, and I mean super light. Low alcohol, very light malt, and super, super hoppy. Of course by hoppy, I don’t always mean bitter (though this one is decently bitter) but rather packed with tropical fruits and juiciness. (Currently sold out.)

Blindman New England Pale Ale: This New England style pale ale will knock your socks off with its hazy, juicy hop profile. Loaded with massive aromas of tropical fruits and citrus, and a silky murky body. ($17.59 for a 4-pack of tall cans)

Blindman Batch 150 Red + White RIPA: Blindman’s 150th beer! In celebration of Canada’s birthday, we get this tasty IRA done solely with Canadian ingredients, and in a true Canadian pint can! Various malts of white and red character, along with a ton of hops. ($21.49 for a 4-pack of 568mL super tall cans.)

Dieu du Ciel Solstice D’ete: Aromas of acid, tart, and intense raspberries. Its acidity is quickly felt on each side of the tongue before leaving all the room for the wonderful taste of muddled raspberries. (Available on the Growler bar until it’s gone!)

Driftwood The Last Aurochs: a classic Weizenbock style, with a robust malty base, fermented with Hefeweizen yeast. The result is a bready malt beer with big tonnes of banana, dark fruits and spice along with a big, semi-fluffy carbonation. (currently out of stock)

Collective Arts Imperial Porter: Bigger and more intense than their standard porter, Stranger than Fiction. Heavy Roasty notes with a pronounced sweetness with a hit of booziness on the finish. ($5.29 for a 473mL can)

With a lineup like that, there’s no way anyone could have left unhappy. There were even some new favourites, style discoveries, and a whole lot of learning. The favourites of the night were Blindman New England Pale, followed by Dieu du Ciel Solstice D’ete, and finally Blindman Batch 150!

I certainly can’t complain about the results, considering my two favourites made first and second place. I also wanted to give a special mention to The Last Aurochs, which happens to be a fantastic and tasty beer and a style that I normally don’t drink at all. I wish I received a few more cases of it!

So this marked the end of the spring beer tastings. For those whose interest this post has piqued, I have one more beer tastings scheduled between now and September, an IPA tasting on August 10 to be exact! You can book your seat here, and I hope to see you there! That’s about all for now.




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