The Refreshing Beers of Summer

Finally, our long winter is over! At long last, we wake from our hibernation and shed our sweaters and boots, puffy coats, and prepare to rejoice in the biological production of vitamin D. The first thing that comes to mind after all that is “What’s going to be my beer this summer?” Can I choose just one? Probably not, but heck that’s why I put on tastings like this one! Now, Andrew is against me taste testing all these beers all at once on my own for some reason, so I invited 18 or so of our good customers, and asked Peasant Cheese for some tasty accompaniments, and started cracking bottles! So get ready for this veritable water slide of refreshing beers!

Yellow Dog Take a Walk Wit: A Belgian Witbier with pillowy frothy head, soft wheaty malts with a light sweetness along with notes of orange and pineapple with hints of spice and coriander. ($4.99 for a 472mL tall can)

Wild Rose Ponderosa Gose: This is refreshing incarnate! A tart, light and lightly salted wheat beer made with passionfruit, and it ain’t messing around. Not too sour as to turn off the novice beer drinker, and complex enough to satisfy the most stubborn of beer geeks! ($12.39 for a 4-pack of tall cans)

Coronado Sea Coast Pilsner: A beautiful, spicy and floral pilsner with crisp bready malts and a refreshing bitterness. Seems to cross the lines between German and Czech.(Currently out of stock)

Blindman Saison Lumiere: Crisp and spicy, low in alcohol and ready for lunch! Blindman makes one of the best Saisons in Alberta, and it’s always a treat to get a keg or two! ($10 for 1L, $19 for 2L growler pour)

Four Winds Pale Ale: Smooth pale malt keeps the beer going down easy. Light caramel and a soft but prominent bitterness come through along with flavours of orange, and a touch of pine. (Currently our of stock)

Bridge Side Cut NEIPA: Absolutely saturated with mango, citrus pith and guava notes, along with a hint of spearmint herbaceousness, and a full feeling(not too heavy) body. ($15 for 1L, $29 for 2L growler pour)

Cascade Apricot Sour (2014 vintage): Moderately full and intensely sour. Cascade does not mess around. Giant lactic puckering oily acids, dense enough for bright apricot tones to dance on top of. The 3 years spent in the bottle rounded out all the sharp edges, leaving elegant deliciousness.($44.49 for a 750mL bottle)

Collective Arts Stranger than Fiction: A full-bodied porter with plenty of roast flavours as well as hints of molasses and chocolate. Ridiculous amounts of chocolate and pale ale malts make this porter smooth and creamy. ($3.79 for a 473mL can)

Not bad right? Of course, I can’t discriminate on beer colour -that would be wrong- so you see I cover all bases that way. So what were the favourites of the night you ask? Well, they are only a tiny bit surprising, but first place was the Bridge Side Cut, followed by Four Winds pale, and coming up in a very close 3rd, Blindman Saison Lumiere. And in terms of the food, the favourite was… the food. All of it. Congrats Peasant Cheese for taking the whole damn contest (did I not mention it was a contest?)!

So those are the refreshing beers of summer. I mean, there are so many more of course, but the tasting was only an hour and a half, and pouring 20 beers would be frowned upon. So instead, why don’t you come down to the shop, and I can show you the rest, and pour you draught samples from our Growler Bar, and maybe even open something up!

Until I see you, cheers!


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