Summer Wine Pairing Ideas Part 2 – Chicken and Pork

Looking for more summer wine pairing ideas? Here are some ideas for Chicken and Pork delivered to you by the wine staff of Kensington Wine Market. If  you are looking for pairing ideas for beef and fish you can look here. Read on to see pairing options from Bryan, Abigail, and Davis.



Crivelli Ruche 2016 – $42.99
What a beautiful aromatic crunchy wine. Ruche is a great Piedmontese red from Castagnole Monferrato (Asti area) it (should) be a must try. Floral with geranium and rosy violet like tone. Soft and caressing with touches of quince, apricot and wild fruits. Try with “cacciatora” chicken. “Hunter” chicken with onions, herbs, peppers and tomatoes.

Poggio Sole Chianti Classico – $29.99
This ‘modern interpretation’ of Sangiovese is supple and fresh. A Kensington Wine Market exclusive – this Italian wine has wonderful structure and concentration. Try with Italian chicken fricassee – chicken stewed in tomatoes and mushrooms.


Sumenjak Alter 2013 – Jakobski dol, Slovenia -$31.49
A so-called ‘orange wine’, this Riesling and Chardonnay blend is a perfect for people wanting to try something different. Produced just outside Maribor, Slovenia, this wine is fermented on skins, in open vats for 5 days, and then fermented further and aged for 2 years in wooden barrels. It produces a wine with a golden/amber colour, with notes of apples, citrus, nuts and stone, and bright acidity. Pair with homemade grilled chicken Caesar salad.

Terre di Leone Valpolicella Classico 2014- Veneto, Italy
From a small, family-owned production in North East Italy, this wine is a true representation of Valpolicella Classico. With a complex body and racy acidity, this wine shows notes of spice, red berries and a touch of oak. Recommend serving with a slight chill, alongside a ‘fresh off the grill’ chicken burger.


Tiare Collio Sauvignon – $32.99
Collio is found in Friuli right at the northern tip of Italy. The cool climate and clay soils are perfect for producing the incredibly unique and bold Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is fermented in Stainless steel, but 20% does see malolactic fermentation to soften the acidity of the wine. Once you pour a glass you will be bombarded with intense mango and apricot, with hints of grapefruit and elderflower, and strong minerality on the palate. The acidity and bold fruit flavours will match perfectly with spicy and sticky grilled chicken.

Coca I Fito Tolo do Xisto Mencia – $32.99
Coca i Fito is owned by two brothers that have vineyards in Northeast and Northwest spain, who tend to focus their wines on being modern, yet still an expression of the soil the grapes are grown in. Mencia is a cousin of Cabernet Franc found in northwestern Spain above Portugal, in this case grown in a sub region called Ribeira Sacra. This fresh and fruity mencia only spends 4 months in oak, and focuses on expressing the slate minerality in the soil (Tolo do Xisto translates to “mad about slate”). The notes of fresh red fruit, and balsamic vinegar will nicely complement the grilled chicken, and since the wine isn’t too tannic the spice from the jalapeno won’t  be an issue.



Kuentz Gewurztraminer Selection 2015 – $36.99
Spiced rose water and lightly perfumed; this Kensington Wine Market exclusive is exotic and oily. Heady, with flavours of dried bergamot and elderflower jelly. Pair simply with thinly sliced and gently smoked Speck, cheese(Munster), pickles or passion fruit.

Tetu Grenache 2013 – $37.99
The Catalan donkey or Rue Catala on the label reminds us of the stubborn and determined 60-year vines. This Grenache shows great depth, crushed minerals and intense black fruit. Very finessed with wild herbs and earthy aromas. Pair with gently spiced pork goulash with herbed dumplings.


Cascina Sant’Eufemia Nebbiolo d’Alba (Barrel) 2009 – $34.99
Coming from the mountainous North Italian region of Piedmont, this Nebbiolo d’Alba is a beautiful representation of the Nebbiolo grape (same grape used in Barolo). Compared with the other Nebbiolo d’Alba produced by Cascina, this wine has been aged for 12 months in Slovenian Oak. With notes of berry fruit, spice and tobacco, and with strong, rounded tannins, this wine is perfect to pair with smoked barbeque pork belly.

Spinifex Papillon Grenache Cinsault 2015 – $31.99
One of the first modern style Barossa Valley wines to be brought to the market, Spinifex Papillon is a beautiful balance between ripeness/depth and freshness/clarity. Coming from 90-year-old vines, the wine produces blueberry, strawberry and lavender aromas, accompanied by flavours of red berries and decadent flowers. Racy, bright and bold, this wine would pair well with grilled pork chops.


Domaine des Aubuisieres Vouvray Silex – $25.99
This Vouvray from within the Loire Valley of France is an excellent representation of dry Chenin Blanc. While there is actually 9.5g/L of residual sugars, the abundance of acidity completely balances the wine out. Firm acidity and notes of honeysuckle, orange marmalade, and white flowers make this Vouvray a perfect match for pork, especially when glazed with mustard and honey.

Bodegas Iturria Tinto 2011 – $27.99
If you were to ask the people of Toro (east of Rioja, close to Portugal) what red grape they grow, they would say Tinta de Toro, and while it is a different clone than they use in Rioja, it is still technically Tempranillo. Tinta de Toro tends to err more on the side of dark fruit like cassis and blackberry than it’s Rioja cousins, where you tend to find more red cherry, vanilla, and coconut. The Iturria also has 10% Garnacha, which is atypical for the region, and its notes of spices, oak, dark fruit and soft tannins make is a great match for grilled pork.

We hope you enjoy our selections. As always if you find yourself in need of more wine or some pairing ideas you know where to find us!

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