New Beer For April 29th – May 5th, 2017

Welcome to spring my fellow beer geeks!

I’m going to go ahead and declare it! The days are warming up and getting longer, and I’m loving every minute of it! We’ve just had a solid week of patio weather, did you get to take advantage of it? If not, there’s plenty more to come of course. At least that’s what I’m banking on.

So I have a ton of new beers to go over, and I have to split them into 2 blog posts. The past couple weeks have been a little busy, what with dealing with the crazy tetris game that is Cantillon allocation, among other new obligations. I have just a few bottles of Cantillon that I need to assign to new owners, so that will be done this week. For those lucky enough to have gotten their requests in first, I hope you’re enjoying these rare gems, and hopefully sharing them with friends who have never tasted them before!

The past couple of weeks have seen an influx of beer, some of which come from an amazing -brand new to Alberta- San Diego Brewery, Modern Times. Keep on reading to see what goodies from them I’m currently stocking, along with a handful of other assorted tasty brews.

Axes of Evil by Gigantic and 3 Floyds: If you’re like me, you’ll snag up any collaboration with Indiana’s 3 Floyds brewing that enters the province. It’s the only chance most of us get to try anything from this legendary brewery! This time it’s with Portland’s Gigantic. This English-style pale ale is made with authentic English malt, kilned over welsh coal! Biscuit and bread filled malts with hints of floral, and tropical hop tones. ($10.19 for a 650mL bottle)

Easy Jack by Firestone Walker: This session IPA hauls in new world hops from all around the world. The super light body is meant to refresh and highlight the hugely aromatic hop profile. The moderately bitter finish enhances the refreshing quality nicely. ($3.79 for a 330mL bottle)

Royal City Ale by Steel & Oak: Steel & Oak supplies Alberta with a tasty and malty… Ale. A general, easy drinking ale. Robust malty profile with a very pleasant, and slightly sharp bitter finish. Not all sessions Ales have to be hop bombs right!? ($5.09 for a 473 mL tall can)

Juxtapose Wild IPA by Four Winds: Juxtapose is a modern, North American IPA with a funky twist. Big orchard style and tropical fruity tones with mild funky yeast notes propped up by a pale orange and moderately dry base. Finishes clean with a touch of oily bitterness. ($9.19 for a 650mL bottle)

White by Dageraad: It’s time for the craft brewers to take back the Belgian wit! The Dageraad White is a fluffy and soft wheat beer with spicy citrus notes along with banana and clove aromas. The mildly bitter finish allows the spice and fruit to linger a while. ($9.19 for a 650mL bottle)

Sit and Stay Belgian ISA by Yellow Dog: Sit and Stay is a light hoppy and fruity session ale with a Belgian twist. Sweet spiced orange with slight pithy notes with spicy yeast tones dancing on top, all layered on a light and crisp base. ($5.09 for a 473mL tall can)

Blazing World by Modern Times: Mild caramel tones waft off with dank hoppy volatiles including zesty orange, berries and grass. Light to medium weight on the palate, with the hops lifting it further to a lighter side. Finished with a moderate bitterness and a light hint of toffee ($5.19 for a 473mL tall can)

Booming Rollers IPA by Modern Times: Bright orange and marmalade notes saturate the nose, supported fully by lightly crackery malts. The orange turns more zesty and pithy on the palate, where the bitterness starts a touch on the sticky side, with more citrus flowing through to the end. ($5.19 for a 473mL tall can)

Fortunate Island by Modern Times: A hazy, juicy and tropical wheat ale you won’t soon forget! Pineapple, peach, orange and light lychee notes throughout, on a soft and “fluffy” wheat base. Super tasty and quenching. ($5.19 for a 473mL tall can)

Fruitlands Gose by Modern Times: This beer smells like the “Yop” yoghurt drink I used to drink as a kid. Lactic, creamy, and very berry forward (raspberries, strawberries). It feels more or less like that too, with a light creamy tone, and a decent sour kick. Maye not crisp enough to chug, but definitely crisp enough for me to drink all season long. ($5.19 for a 473mL bottle)

Black House by Modern Times: mildly roasted coffee beans and creamy mocha aromas, with more toasty malts. Light bitterness and only a moderate sweetness make this very approachable for non-stout drinkers, and complex enough to stun the veterans! ($5.19 for a 473mL tall can)

City of the Dead by Modern Times: This is a dry and moderately bitter export stout, but such a mellow beer takes on some intense boozy bourbon qualities once in the barrel! In the end, it turned into a sweeter version of itself with big charred oak notes and boozy, dextrinous American whiskey. Light chocolate and burnt toast start poking out and end off with a volatile finish. ($15.49 for a 650mL bottle)

And that’s only half of what I have to tell you! The rest of the new beers will be posted in a few days, but they will include sours, NEIPAs, and more collabs! All of the Modern Times products are flying off the shelves, and although they will continue to be stocked (depending on availability) they may appear and disappear here and there, so don’t miss out!

That’s all I have for you right now. Again, stay tuned in a few days when I’ll have the other half of the new beers!

Bye for now!

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