Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada September Outturn

The Canadian Arm of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, the world’s largest whisky club, launched 7 new drams this past Friday night. They are as follows:

  1. 35.44: Entrancing & Delightful – 35 Year – 55% – Speyside (Lossie) – Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon – Outturn: 167 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose was entrancing and delightful! Honeycomb, marmalade and cherry liqueur; exotic fruits and flowers; polished mahogany and leather. The palate was lively but never frivolous – brown sugar in espresso coffee dregs and Grand Marnier flavours mingling and tingling in the mouth, “everlasting joy” exclaimed one panellist. On the reduced nose, the orange theme developed even further –candied orange dipped in luxurious chocolate, Jaffa cakes, orange jelly – also a slight whisper of cardamom or something medicinal. The reduced palate had a special, urbane, adult sweetness; toffee and spice and all things nice. The distillery is sometimes flooded by the Lossie.” Drinking Tip: “After dinner – preferably wearing a dinner jacket.” - $253.99
  2. 39.86: Femme Fatale – 21 Year – 45.5% – Speyside (Lossie) – Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon – Outturn: 217 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “With the initial smell, she came out of her shell, and still she promised more. Peaches, coffee and spice were there to entice, and yet she promised more. The flavour neat, had woodiness and heat, all the while she’s promising more. Sweet cherry lips, plum brandy on ships, again she’s promising more. Water brought milkshake, vanilla ice cream (no flake), and still she promised more. Toffee, nougat, nuts and soap, on our tongues gave us hope. Surely, there’s some more? Dear drinker take heed, of her last victim’s greed, the fellow begged for more. He took her to task, and fell in his glass, Drink her if you dare!” Drinking Tip: “Drink at your peril, as a gift to yourself!” - $159.99
  3. 26.86: Massage in a Bottle – 21 Year – 50.5% – Northern Highland – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 182 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Initial essences of beeswax and guitar polish led the panel down an extremely aromatic path. Potpourri, scented candles and orange oil tickled our olfactory senses, fresh laundry (maybe towels) caused us to sink into our seats. Lavender and orange blossom emerged on the palate, coating the mouth with a waxy chocolaty finish. Water heightened our spiritual experience as the room filled with incense, hand cream, jasmine, pear drops and ripe peaches. The flavour expanded to encapsulate vanilla, white chocolate and waves of oranges and watermelons. We emerged from this dram relaxed and sweetly sedate. Drinking Tip: “A dram to unwind with.” - $160.99
  4. 125.62 – Crepes Suzzettes & Coffee Dregs – 10 Year – 61.2% – Northern Highland – Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon (Or is it?) – Outturn: 271 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Reminiscent of Calvados and Grand Marnier, the nose delivered toffee apples, pineapple, Crêpes Suzettes, Werthers originals, Edinburgh rock, custard slices and Moffat toffees. The unreduced palate exploded with warm ginger and orange flavours (if ever a whisky lived up to its colour!) then superior tequila and Madeira wine in the finish. The reduced nose offered dried fruits, ginger wine, lots of citrus (lemon meringue pie, oranges in syrup, pineapple) and caramel gradually emerging. The reduced palate, still big, chewy and beautifully sweet, had sugary dregs of coffee, chocolate gingers, then a dry sherry aftertaste rounding off this fine Tain dram.” Drinking Tip: “With crêpes, or any other dessert.” - $112.99
  5. 53.157 – Paint Your Own Picture – 10 Year – 58% – Islay – Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon – Outturn: 272 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Peat smoke drifts from a nearby island across calm waters – the sun is going down after a hot day on the beach – a driftwood fire is now lit on shingle between rock-pools – barbecued pork ribs, langoustines, lobster, then lemon meringue pie for dessert – nose the dram – ginger, Germolene, tobacco, boxing gloves – paint your own picture – Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction? – taste it now – root beer, icecream, bananas, Old Holborn tobacco, liquorice cigarette papers, burnt heather, barley sugars rolled in ash – this whisky evoked all of these for us – now test your own imagination – it’s from the Sound of Islay.” Drinking Tip: “Sunset beach dram.” – $133.99  - ONLY 2 LEFT!
  6. 29.114 – After Dinner Dram – 10 Year – 56.1% – Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon – Outturn: 264 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “First impressions are meaty and herbal, roasted lamb with thyme and rosemary, followed by a maritime freshness of a salty sea breeze and the sweetness of mint toffee. Undiluted on the palate surprisingly sweet, slightly bitter, like a good Turkish coffee whilst grilling succulent pork fillets. With water, more sweetness on the nose is added, vanilla pods and black currants as well as a flinty, chalky aroma reminding us of Edinburgh rock. The taste develops into a sweet hot chocolate with a freshness of eucalyptus leaves and the lingering ashy aftertaste from the bbq last night at ‘the beautiful hollow by the broad bay’.” Drinking Tip: “Instead of a coffee after a bbq on the beach.” - $115.99
  7. R5.1 – Mint Humbugs – 9 Year – 81.3% – Jamaican Rum- Refill Hogshead Ex- Bourbon – Outturn: 525 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Surprisingly deep and complex for its age, we were transported to a tropical swimming pool at first: plastic flip-flops, wicker sun-loungers, with a dusty note (’chest of drawers’), then a rush of pumpkin-seed oil, damson vinegar and Cola-cubes… The taste blows your socks off! Sweet and peppery, after a start of ‘water-wings’. Water softens the aroma and taste considerably: vanilla fudge, cherry pie and Canadian cedar (with cherries) on the nose, and a clean, mint humbug, mentholated (even clove-like) taste. One panellist produced a bottle of Coke and a lime… Delicious!” Drinking Tip: “Looking out over azure water.” - $131.99

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Whiskies are available exclusively to Society members, but anyone can join. Visit for more details!

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