Ginapooloza – January 12, 2017

Ginapooloza is about enjoying gin. Straight and simple. What most people don’t realize is that gin is a very exciting experience, figuring that the drink is intended for those of old grit. Such a statement is terribly false, the drink has been reinvigorated as the spirit for all, defined by the local botanicals of each distillery (at least in most cases in current times). With each new release we gin enthusiasts are treated to a new expression of botanical terroir alongside the artistry of the master distiller. Such is the nature of the current gin market, and here we are, treated to a variety of unique and new releases almost weekly. This has lead us to do a gin class once per quarter to show off all the new products that have reached our lonely gin outpost here at the Kensington Wine Market. Here are the new releases we tried at GINAPOOLOZA!

Beefeater 24 – Not your grandma’s gin, this release of Beefeater is for those that want hard core gin quality on a lean budget. 24 different botanicals go into this bottling of Beefeater, showing Beefeater’s true colours. Elegance, a velvet glove containing the raw power of Beefeater. Though this release is not for the faint of gin heart, it holds a quality that is not found in the standard Beefeater bottling, more catered towards the gin enthusiast. – $32

Aviation Gin – A throwback to the days of airbuses, first class and gin cocktails all at 30,000 feet. Versatile and useful for just about any cocktail, just think of it and this gin works. The price is nothing to scoff at either. Clean, floral toned spirit with little heat and delicate citric character. – $42

Noteworthy Gin – KWM is one of the few lucky stores to receive this glorious liquor showing fine potential while offering a challenge to all those gin inclined. Noteworthy is one of those spirits which holds tons of trapped potential requiring a real expert to unlock such intricacies. Do not fret my gin friends, for though this spirit is inclined to challenge gin savants it does not hold out on basic and delicious qualities that reminisce of the woods. Though the Noteworthy does not take well to most standard cocktail ideas it is definitely one to experiment with offering great rewards to those who tinker. – $48

Daffy’s Gin – A pretty, affable spirit with so much care put into its creation that I am astounded at the execution. At first the gin appears simple, almost so delicate that it is difficult to discern any specific tones or character. Upon applying Daffy to any cocktail, an absolute miracle of character, perfectly imbibing any standard gin drink with a new level of interest, far beyond the capabilities of the standard fare. A real treat. – $68

Park Gin – One of the newest distilleries in Alberta, Park shows us an expression of our world renowned natural beauty, the Banff National Park. Oily and round, tonally sweet with a soft, silken edge that can be consumed in any way. For being so new this product is already showing a ton of potential for the new distilling scene in our local area. – $54

- Hunter

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