Whisky Advent Day 16 – G&M Distillery Label Glenburgie 10 Year

It is a busy Friday at KWM, the second last until Christmas. Our 2016 Malt Messenger Christmas Gift Guide was just sent out via email. If you’re not a subscriber to our famous Whisky E-Newletter, check it out… We’re busy, but not too busy to carve out a little special Whisky Advent time. Today’s whisky is the Gordon Macphail (we abbreviate this to G&M) Distillery Label Glenburgie 10 Year. If this seems a little familiar, you’re not far off. We featured the G&M Distillery Label Miltonduff 10 Year on Day 8.

If you’ve never heard of Glenburgie, you’re not alone. Though the distillery, dating from 1810 is among the oldest operating in Scotland, very little of its whisky ever finds its way into single malt bottlings, even among independent bottlers. The vast majority of its production goes into Chivas blends, like Chivas Regal. Sales of this blend have been growing in recent years, especially in Asia. The distillery produces 4.2 million liters, which makes it all the more surprising they don’t promote the whisky as a single malt. We’ve had a few interesting Scotch Malt Whisky Society Glenburgies: 71.41: Curious and intriguing and 71.42: Sinbad preparing for a journey. We also have a lovely Cadenhead Small Batch Glenburgie 1992. But other than that we’ve seen very little in the way of Glenburgie, in quite a while!

More about Glenburgie (Courtesy Gordon Macphail): “Set close to the A96, near the village of Alves, lies Glenburgie Distillery which looks over the Moray Firth. The distillery was originally called Kilnflat, although in 1878 after a period of disuse, it was renamed Glenburgie. Nearby is Burgie Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. For a short while Glenburgie also produced another single malt, Glencraig. This was produced using Lomond stills and is available in our Rare Old range.”

In case you missed it on the December 8 Blog, here is the rational behind the Gordon Macphail Distillery Label Range (From the Horse’s Mouth): “In partnership with each respective distillery, all whiskies in our ‘Distillery Labels’ range are uniquely labelled. In years gone by many of these unique designs were used ‘officially’ to bottle the whisky under license from the distillery. Today these trusted relationships with distillers enables Gordon & MacPhail to bottle whiskies at various ages, strengths and vintages – all with their unique distillery label.”

G&M Distillery Label Glenbrugie 10 Year – 40% – First Fill Sherry Butts & Hogsheads – Andrew’s Tasting Note: “Nose: decadent, honeyed with dried apricots and diced candied fruits (before mixing into Christmas cake); buttery with bright pineapple, creme brule and clotted cream on crumbly scones; big notes of candied orange and lemon drops. Palate: big, creamy, leathery and fruity with layers of spice; still decadent: powdered sugar; more dried apricots and diced candied fruits; Glosset Raisins, cooked pineapple and more creme brule; clotted cream on moist but crumbly scones; nuttier than expected with some darker edges; citrus is still there but just an accent. Finish: medium short, but very pleasant; the creaminess clings to the palate as the decadent sugars and fruits fade. Comment: this is a lovely, layered and inexpensive single malt. The closest thing you will find to an official bottling in Canada.” - $80

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Stay tuned tomorrow, for KWM Whisky Advent Day 16!

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